Access this area from Giacoletti Hut (1.30 hrs hike from Pian del Re car park)



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Grade Route

This is the first multipitch route on the east wall of Punta Udine and regarded as a masterpiece of stylish climbing. This once runout sport route had a facelift in 2009 and now aims to become one of the best sport climbs on Monviso. This route starts in a white groove only few minutes south of Giacoletti Hut and the beginning is marked by a plaque. Descent is made from the top of Colle del Coulour del Porco and then the fixed ropes back to the hut. The route can be rapped from belay station #4. P1: 30m 5c P2: 35m 5c P3: 35m 6a P4: 25m 5b P5: 20m 5c P6: 35m 5b P7: 35m 5a P8: 45m 4a P9: 45m 6a P10: 30m 4c P11: 40m 5b P12: 15m 4b

FA: M. Piras/P. Brezzo, 1998

This Route can be combined with the last pitches of Visto per il Peru to reach the summit of Punta Udine. The beginning is marked by plaque few minutes from the hut, taking the path towards the single pitch wall. Descent can be rapped up to pitch 5. After that same as Visto per il Peru route. P1: 40m 6a+ P2: 30m 6a P3: 35m 6b+ P4: 25m 5c P5: 45m 4a P6: 15m 2b P7: -- P8:20m -- P9: 45m 6a P10: 30m 4c P11: 40m 5b P12: 15m 4b

FA: G. Baret/A. Sorbino, 1998

FA: F. Raffi/P. Rattazzini, 1964

The route climbs the sloping slabs of the North face and starts just left of Alice 120-80. Descent rappel from belay #6 or from summit as per Visto per il Peru'.

FA: F. Michelin/B. Canepa/W. Canepa, 1995

FA: Gagliardone/Fissore/Negro, 1934

From the Hut follow the path to the base of the North East face and find the plaque 5m right of "Tempi Moderni" route. The route can be rapped at belay # 4 or from Colle del Couloir del Porco and down the fixed ropes to the hut.

Set: Etienne, Guillame Vallot, GiùGiù Roberti & Andrea Sorbino, 2009

This route was rebolted in 2009 and it is the most difficult on the eastern wall. The first four pitches are linked with Visto per il Peru' and from there follows the vertical line and overhangs all the way to the summit. Further rebolting was carried in 2010. The start and descent as for "Visto per il Peru". P1: 30m 5c P2: 30m 5c P3: 35m 6a P4: 25m 5b P5: 20m 4b P6: 30m 6a+ P7: 60m 2b P8: 35m 6a+ P9: 20m 5a P10: 30m 5b

FA: Piras/Brezzo, 1999


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Grade Route

FA: Michelin/Canepa, 2004

This is the Via Ferrata Hiking route provided of chains and fixed ropes and hardware used to reach the summits of the peaks or as a mean of a safe and quick descent for rock climbers.

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