Placche Zebrate

  • Grade context: FR
  • Photos: 6
  • Ascents: 98
  • Aka: Parete Zebrata




The sunny slabs offer mostly easier climbing on good rock with runnels and pockets. In winter sunny all day, in summer shade from early afternoon on.

Lots of bolts but bring a rack of nuts and small-med cams to protect long runouts.

Access issues inherited from Arco - Trento Area

Many crags in the area of Arco are located on private land and the huge popularity of climbing and the resulting crowds brought it with it, that issues with land owners popped up in the past and continue to pop up from time to time. Please be sensitive to regional closures and limitations to access. Stay informed and stick to local regulations.


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Grade Route

FA: R. Galvagni & D. Filippi, 2009

FA: R. Galvagni & D. Filippi, 2009

1 5b 30m
2 3 40m
3 3 30m

FA: O. Piazza & I. Mascivecchio, 1990

FA: D. Pinamonti & V. Degasperi, 2011

FA: O. Piazza & G. Modena, 1981

FA: D. Filippi, 2012

Guidebooks rate it 5a-5b, but feels 4c max. Well secured with bolts. Easy descent from top by walking down through a scree and then along trails.

FA: H. Steinkotter, 1969

1 6a 15m
2 6c 45m
3 6c 25m
4 6c+ 30m
5 7a 15m
6 7a+ 30m

FA: Federico & Tommy, 2006

1 4c 35m
2 5c 35m
3 4b 35m
4 4c 50m
5 4b 30m
6 5a 45m
7 4c 20m

FA: R. Galvagni & D. Filippi, 2003

Difficult variant of the route Due Agosto. The second pitch overcomes a marked overhang.

FA: U. Lombardo, 2000

1 4a 40m
2 6b 45m
3 6b+ 35m
4 6c 30m
5 6b+ 30m
6 6b 50m
7 4a 55m

FA: M. Rivadossi, R. Steinhilber, M. Reboldi & C. Tonini, 2003

FA: M. Furlani & T. Weiss, 1978

FA: A. Giovanetti & M. Cagol, 1979

FA: R. Galvagni & D. Filippi, 2003

FA: A. Giovanetti & F. Stedile, 1981

FA: A. Andreotti & M. Rossi, 1971

FA: M. Furlani & R. Bassi, 1979

Beautiful and interesting variant which climbs very compact slabs, avoiding the first easy pitches of the route Teresa. Start is just to the right of the start of the route Teresa.

FA: F. Leoni & G. Bagattoli, 1981

1 6a 30m
2 5c 55m
3 5c 40m
4 5b 30m
5 5c 35m
6 6a 45m
7 5c 40m
8 6a 35m
9 6c 15m
10 3 40m
11 6a 20m
12 4a 35m
13 4a 50m

FA: M. Pegoretti & E. Covi, 1985

1 5c
2 3c
3 4a
4 4a
5 3c
6 4a
7 4a
8 5a
9 4c
10 5a
11 5a
12 4a
13 4a
14 4a

FA: A. Andreotti & M. Rossi, 1979

FA: 2000

1 5c
2 3a
3 5c
4 5b
5 5a
6 5c
7 6a

FA: M. Brighente, G. Bogoni & D. Dal Cere, 2003

1 6a
2 6b
4 5b
5 5a
6 5c
7 6a

FA: M. Brighente & P. Bottegal, 2005


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