Hirame Iwa ひらめ岩

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Access issues inherited from Jikkoku Touge

CLimbing is currently banned Dome Area, Asahi Area and Banbi Spire

登攀禁止 ドームエリア、 朝日エリア、 バンビースパイヤー

Ethic inherited from Japan

There`s not a lot of information about climbing in Japan in English. Much of the information is only available in Japanese - or of course here on theCrag!

The Japan Free Climbing Association ( is a good point of contact and there is a set of 5 guidebooks (all in Japanese) and an alpine guide book in English available covering all of Japan and its thousands of sport and trad routes and boulders.

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This cliff is unlocated

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Check out what is happening in Hirame Iwa ひらめ岩.

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