LUMO area

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Both LUMO and HOMO section has not yet been fully developed and there is a big potential for new routes.

Access issues

Once you passed the narrow pathway you will be at LUMO.

Ethic inherited from Seseko Beach

Sesoko Beach and Sesoko Island are special places and we need to make sure to respect the locals, and the environment we are in. Please do your best to minimize our impact on the beach and on any local residents. Additionally, to present climbers as good neighbours to have, we suggest bringing an extra trash bag to collect trash that washes up on the beach. Also if you can, patronize local restaurants, cafes, and stores. If the local community sees climbers as an asset, we will be more welcome to return.

Beaches in Okinawa are not private, however, private organizations like the Hilton Hotel maintain the beach and its associated parking lot. They cannot stop you from swimming, however as they want people only swimming inside their nets, we recommend you follow their requests. If you do swim outside their nets, please be discrete, so we aren’t seen as taking their tourists away.

This beach provides plenty of shade, soft white sand, crystal clear water and a wonderful view which makes this perfect for A fun day at the beach. The beach and parking area are open from 09:00 am to 17:00 pm.


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In contrast to the sharp coral rocks, tufa in the The Silk Road provides you luxury and silky touches.

FA: Xiaoying Li

Keep going right.

FA: Xiaoying Li

FA: Xiaoying Li

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