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Il Polei

Remote bouldering on a conservancy on the Lakipia plateau with the potential for a lot more development and exploration.

Oldonyo Olowaa Hilltop

If you cross the dry riverbed at the campground and begin walking towards the obvious ridge you will first encounter this hilltop. It has one excellent boulder (the Cat Boulder) and maybe a few more gems lurking, but overall is lacking in potential. Climbs here get afternoon shade.

Oldonyo Olowaa Hilltop
Unnamed Boulder

Tall, thin rectangular boulder. This is an obvious boulder on your right when you first approach the hill from the campsite. It is about 50 meters uphill from the Cat Boulder.

Oldonyo Olowaa Hilltop Unnamed Boulder
V0 The Warmup

Stand start on valley-facing side and climb jugs to topout.

V2 Crumblefish

Stand start on the hill-facing side between some shrubs with a solid left facing sidepull. Climb edges and incuts to the gradual and tall topout rife with iffy flakes. This would be a decent problem with some cleaning but currently suffers from scary amounts of loose rock up high.

Oldonyo Olowaa Hilltop
Cat Boulder

This is an oblong boulder that is to your left at the bottom of the hill when approaching from the campground. It holds several quality problems on the downhill side, with room for a few more.

Oldonyo Olowaa Hilltop Cat Boulder
V2 Puss'n'boots

Left-most line on the boulder. Sit start on positive edges and make a big move up and left to a good edge over the scoop. Top out.

V2 Polecat

Sit start on good holds and climb straight up to gradual top out, avoiding some loose holds.

V4 Musclecat

About 5 meters right of Polecat. Sit start on positive crimps. Make a move up and right to a good edge and then climb tenuous slopers straight up to top out. An area classic.

Scenic Ridgeline

This is the obvious ridgeline past the Oldonya Olowaa hilltop and the tallest point within immediate walking distance of the campsite. It is home to two established boulders. The backside of the ridge (as oriented to the campsite) holds many tall and excellent looking problems that unfortunately are located on top of steep death slabs. Climbs here get morning shade.

Scenic Ridgeline
Picture This

Tall boulder on the North end of the ridge. Home to one established problem that is mostly just good for posing for photos on, as well as one promising looking face with a poor landing. There may be other boulders worth climbing nearby.

Scenic Ridgeline Picture This
V0 Picture This

Stand start on the positive but slopey arete and use good feet to climb to the top. Wear your Sunday best and have a photoshoot.

Scenic Ridgeline
Nascar Boulder

On the opposite end of the ridgeline from the Scenic Arete Boulder. Gain the ridge and skirt the (possibly) electric fence around the backside of the boulder to find this quality piece of rock perched atop a mellow slab. Good climbs over a clean one or two pad landing.

Scenic Ridgeline Nascar Boulder
V6 No Mercy on the Moon

Furthest left (uphill) line on the boulder. Sit start at the blunt arete on a left-hand sidepull and sharp right-hand crimp. Climb the arete to the obvious finishing jug with wide moves and heelhooks.

V4 Dirt Track

Middle line. Sit start very low on sharp crimps. Make a tricky initial move to another sharp crimp and then climb straight up the face.

V2 If it's good enough for 3, it's good enough for me

Right-most line. Sit start on the flat edge, climb crimps and slopers to the top.

Endonyo Eshoilaa Ridgeline

This is the closest ridgeline uphill from the campsite. It is on the same side of the dry riverbed as the camp, and is approximately a 5-minute approach. It holds the highest concentration of good boulders in the area, with room for significant additional development. All climbs here get morning shade.

Endonyo Eshoilaa Ridgeline

This is the first and most obvious boulder that you encounter as walking towards the ridge. It is home to an excellent project and one other established line, with a few other possible problems.

Endonyo Eshoilaa Ridgeline Egg
V3 Bird-Up

Stand start on slopey ripple crimps high on the bulge. Use bad feet to jump to the jugs and then trend slightly left to delicately top out over some loose rock.

The Broken Egg Project

This was an elegant V7/8 that was very nearly sent before suffering from a key broken hold. It is still doable and is likely a quality V9 (or harder). Sit start with bad feet and matched on the obvious edge with shallow thumb catches. Get off the ground and make a difficult pull up and right to a poor gaston (originally a good crimp). From there jump to the jug and then traverse left a few feet to finish on the Bird-Up topout.

Endonyo Eshoilaa Ridgeline

This is a tall boulder low on the hill about halfway along the ridgeline. The main face can easily be seen from across the valley. The boulder forms a corridor with the adjacent boulder and trees which is where the established problems are located. Just downhill is another boulder with what should be a V3/4 lip traverse, and around the corner on the main face of the Testosterone Boulder is a highball arete climb that begs to be done.

Endonyo Eshoilaa Ridgeline Testosterone
V0 T, Got Any?

Left-most line on the corridor face. Climb good holds to the top.

V2 Man Juice

Stand start matched on a jug. Move straight up with balancy pulls on edges and slopers. This is a fun problem.

V5 Low-T

Sit start low with left hand on good slanting edge and right hand on a very sharp crimp. Make a hard move to gain the slopey arete and climb the rest of the balancy arete to topout.

Endonyo Eshoilaa Ridgeline

Around 50 meters past the Testosterone Boulder and slightly higher on the hillside. This is a downhill facing boulder that can be identified by the obvious loaf-like rock wedged in the side of the overhanging face.

Endonyo Eshoilaa Ridgeline Loaf
V3 Slice of Life

Start on sloping rail and loaf. Move straight up to crimps and top out.

V5 Manuel's Hamster

Sit start on a left-hand edge and with a right hand/heel match on the obvious ledge. Cross up to the pinch and move left to the loaf. Make a big move to a good crimp and then finish up on the same terrain as Slice of Life. Fun and natural movement.

Endonyo Eshoilaa Ridgeline
Bear Hug

About 20 meters past the Loaf Boulder is this obvious downhill facing boulder. It is relatively tall and steep with one established line and several other possible problems. Named after the “bear hug” spot that was given when a topout hold unexpectedly broke.

Endonyo Eshoilaa Ridgeline Bear Hug
V5 Bear Hug

Sit start on a pinch and a good edge on the left face of the boulder. Make a huge move left to a sharp crimp hidden around the blunt arete, and then top out. Height dependent for sure.

Arete Project

This will be a proud line somewhere in the V4-V8 range. Climbs the right arete of the boulder out to the obvious prow. Sit start on good left hand crimp and with your right hand on the best part of the arete. Use a poor blocky left hand edge on the face and right hand slopers to gain quartz jugs and pockets above. Continue to move up and left out the arete to the prow and top out. Alternatively, after the first few moves escape onto the quartz slab. Tall, but with a decently flat landing.

Showing all 30 nodes.

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