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The Snake Temple can be seen as the small and partially hidden outcrop of rock positioned high on the bushy hillside above baboon cliff.


The crag is identified by three distinct blocks placed side by side next to one another, separated by deep and shaded chimneys. Its remoteness and large colony of rock hyraxes may make it particularly attractive to snakes, so one must keep their wits about them when exploring this mystical crag.

Access issues inherited from Mt Ololokwe area

Conservancy fees need to be paid to Namunyak Conservancy for access to most climbing areas. Sabache Camp can advise on this and guides.



Approach can be made from either end of baboon cliff, following game and cattle trails through the brush until the crag is reached.

Ethic inherited from Mt Ololokwe area

Kenyan climbing ethics apply; anything that can be protected with natural protection should be, and climbers should leave no trace and be respectful of the incredible nature and local culture. Some practices seen in the valley to be avoided by future developers include: painting route names on rocks, overbolting and bolting of naturally protectable routes, and retro-bolting of


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Grade Route

Welcome to Level One. In your quest to unlocking the levels of the Snake Temple, this climb makes a fine introduction. Ascend the small chimney in the center of the wall and proceed to break right onto the face where fine flake cracks lead to the top. While racking up for this climb, the first ascensionists had a close encounter with a rather large and feisty black mamba when they found themselves between the dark serpent and a fleeing rock hyrax that it was pursuing.

FA: Peter Naituli, Jackson Lepurdatti & Gabriel Jackson, 6 May 2022

Level Two - Hike down and round to the South facing wall of the temple where a superb adventure awaits. Start at an obvious crack mid-way along the base. An ascent of the lower tiers, trending R brings one to the main 'Black Mamba' platform at the base of a deep off-width chimney. Up this, for awkward yet enjoyable climbing with classic mountainous bush views back out of the chimney. Persist inside the chimney past a ledge below the top out, emerge next to the belay for "A Dance with the Black Mamba". The chimney is hard to protect unless you have very large cams. A good head and positive attitude should see you to the top of the squeeze.

FA: Gabriel Jackson & Peter Naituli, 6 May 2022

One for the bold. Level 3: This climb tackles the most prominent off-width chimney at the heart of the crag. The crack is too wide to protect (unless one is armed with unreasonably wide gear). A delight for the crack climbing fanatics. Stay inside of the crack until exit at the top of the temple. There are multiple ways up the crevice. This climb is hard to grade as the climbing is only slightly strenuous. Though given this route is essentially a free solo, 'Apocalypto' warrants the E grade.

FA: Peter Naituli, 4 Jun 2022

A good warmup for what the Temple has to offer. The route is short enough to be a high boulder problem though the landing would make for a devastating fall. Thus 'The Ololokwe Golf Club' took it upon themselves to make it a short and sweet sport climb.

FA: Peter Naituli, Ian Lekiluai & Gabriel Jackson, 25 Jun 2022

Bonus round. High-ball boulder far left of Apocalypto. Climb the slab on decent edges, below where it meets a chimney on the right. One can use this corner/ chimney feature while climbing.

FA: Peter Naituli, 4 Jun 2022

If you can't climb M'chawi, stay away from Apocalypto.

This climb takes the furthers left off-width chimney on the crag. Top out should be made behind the chokstone at the top of the crack to remove the temptation for one to escape onto the arete. Its more of a mini solo than a boulder, but perhaps low enough to make one feel at ease.

FA: Peter Naituli, 4 Jun 2022

Up the arete. Don't use the wall to the right

FA: Peter Naituli, 5 Jun 2022

This little highball ascends the easy crack on the left hand sector of the temple. Be ware of loose blocks at the top.

FA: Peter Naituli, 4 Jun 2022

Left of Little Hiss. A rounded bastion of rock between the two chimneys provides pleasant climbing for the un-initiated.

FA: Nathaniel Kiarie, 11 Jun 2022

Easy route left of 'Nathaniel The Serpent Wrangler.'

'Omu Porkupine' is named after the mammal that terrorized the tent of the first ascensionist for the better part of a night.

FA: Nathaniel Kiarie, 11 Jun 2022

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