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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
VS Lichen One

Start slightly right of the middle of the face. Climb wall direct.

FA: Grading Committee, 1959

Trad 8m
S Lichen Two

Start on right-hand corner of face of boulder. Climb corner.

FA: Grading Committee, 1959

Trad 7m
S Lichen Two-and-a-half

Start just to the left of tree growing out of top of boulder. Step onto quartz block, pull up over overhang onto face of boulder to ledge. From point of ledge step onto wall above and climb to left of rotten tree stump.

FA: W. M. Adams & R. Searle, 1960

Trad 10m
M Lichen Three

Start in a corner at middle of boulder foot. Straight up corner 2.5m and right onto ledge; climb wall behind.

Trad 11m
S Rotten

Lies on the extreme left of the face to the left of Twin Crack Groove. Climb to horizontal crack, then direct to top keeping left of the large loose flake.

FA: R. Smith & P. Walker., 1962

Trad 14m
D Twin Crack Groove

Start at foot of groove in gully bounding left of face.

Trad 13m
VD Loose Flake Wall

Start on wall 1.5m to left of undercut flakes some way up wall. Cross flakes moving right and then to top.

Trad 14m
VD Lichen Six

Start 3m to the right of waterchute line where there is a small flake 3m up on wall. Mantleshelf and continue straight up.

Trad 16m
D Lichen Seven

Start 9m left of tree at base of slab, find watergroove. Ascend this 4.5m then move slightly left to top.

Trad 20m
D Lichen Seven-point-five

Up the wall 4.5m to the left of Lichen Eight.

Trad 17m
D Lichen Eight

Start directly behind tree. Ascend vertical watergroove.

Trad 14m
D Splash

Start some 9m right main waterchute at boulder lying on edge. Climb to boulder, then into groove and out at eye of groove.

Trad 20m
M Lichen Ten

Start below pigeon hole. Into pigeon hole, move a few feet left, continue straight up.

Trad 20m
D Lichen Eleven

Start in watergroove behind tree, where tree touches rock. Continue to top of crag.

Trad 31m
D Lichen Chimney

To the right of 'Lichen Eleven', on the second boulder around the corner of the face, is an open chimney. Awkward move at the base of the chimney leads to easier climbing and platform; further short climb leads to top.

Trad 13m

Showing all 15 routes.

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