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Showing all 18 routes.

Grade Route Gear style Popularity
VD Double Back

Halfway up Easy Gully on extreme left-hand end of face at the prominent flake. Layback up the flake, traverse 3m to the right and layback up second flake. Take wall direct.

FA: G. B. Cliff & A. M. Waber, 1961

Trad 20m
D Ovid

Start some 6m up Easy Gully where a break-out can easily be made onto the nose on the right. Out to nose and follow line of nose to recess between large flakes at foot of wall (18m). Climb right-hand detached flake, step onto wall which is climbed direct, then move left over final boulder (15m). An alternate start (Severe) may be made. At foot of Gully on right is a sheer corner. Delicate move onto shelf on face leads right-handed to sharp corner which is ascended on edge, leading to easier rock and joining route for first pitch of normal route.

Trad 34m
S Traverse

Start as for Ovid. (1) 18m. As for Ovid. (2) 20m. Descend 3m right-handed onto face and traverse to recess for belay. (3) 30m. Rising traverse on good holds leads across difficult corner to very small grassy ledge and belay. (4) 22m. Descend 4.5m into corner below overhang. Traverse below overhang and then rising traverse to finish at foot of clump of bushes.

Trad 90m
VS 4c Frogman

Probably worth doing if for no other reason than the rare pleasure of climbing a crack at Lukenya. At the left end of Upper Cliffs is a dark bay. The Lizard takes the line up the corner, and immediately left of the bay is a steep wall with an overhang at 4.5m. Left of this is a thin crack. Ascend crack on finger-locks for 10m, then easily up arete to abseil cable.

FA: Iain Allan and'@ianhowell, 1989

Trad 22m
{FR} 6a+ The Hair of the Frog

The ultimate package! About 3m right of Frogman there is a break through the overhang. Layback overhang and cruxy move onto wall. Up to bolt on right. Step left then up to horizontal crack. Step left and continue strenuously leftwards.

2020 edit: This was originally given the grade of E3 5c, but at some point many bolts were added, essentially making this a sport climb with a few metres of easy traditional climbing at the top. The grade has been changed to a sport grade to reflect this. Do still take a few cams and nuts to protect the top after the last bolt.

FA: Iain Allan & Clive Ward, 1989

Trad 23m
E1 5b Conan the Frog

Start 2.5m right of The Hair Of The Frog where there is an obvious jam crack up through the overhang. Climb crack to tree stump of The Lizard. Move directly above past horizontal crack and crux move up overhang (bolt). Exit left onto wall 1.5m above bolt, step up, then traverse right 2m and easier ground above to abseil cable.

FA: Iain Allan & Clive Ward, 1989

Trad 23m
HVS 5a AU:17 The Lizard

What a joy this old classic is for the way it sorts out Lukenia climbers who can't get up cracks. There used to be a tree 9m up, which has now disappeared, adding to the quality of the climbs. Begin by thin crack in main bay where three or four technical moves leads to the overhang. Traverse left 1m and up flake to tricky move left to ledge (where the tree used to be). Move up a few feet and crux move into crack on right which is climbed to easier laybacking. Move left to gully and abseil cable.

FA: Barry Cliff & Anne-Marie Weber, 1961

Trad 23m
VD Upper Cliffs Original

Start on face of cliff 2m to left of fig tree root.

  1. 22m. Climb to line of traverse at 3m, traverse left 10m. Ascend to steep sand-coloured wall and move right- handed into scoop. Out on left and right-handed to recess with bolt belay.

  2. 24m. Ascending traverse right-handed passing below grey slabs to notch on skyline; climb left-hand corner to finish. Alternate finish by climbing from recess right-handed aiming for wide grey streak above. Finish on steep thin wall.

Trad 46m
VS Cornflakes

Start at tree of Original Route. Climb left of tree to its topmost branches. Step right a few feet and onto small flakes. Follow to a quartz band well above under the overhang. Move left four steps and up. Straight up easier slab to final steep wall. A very direct line.

FA: R. Lazano & P. Snyder, 1970

Trad 43m
E1 5b The Joy of Frogs

Start on big block some 7.5m right of The Lizard. The route is just right of the arete. Climb to bulge at 4.5m (bolt), then hard moves up right to jug. Pull up to scoop. Up slightly leftwards, then up to ledge and belay. You are now some 4.5 right of the point where difficulties end on The Lizard. Traverse left to abseil cable.

FA: Iain Allan, Neil Hodgson & Magnus Karlsen, 1989

Trad 23m
VS 4c Pilot of the Storm

Start some 7.5m right of The Joy Of Frogs just left of prominent tree. Strenuous pull up over bulge (it is a crime to touch tree), then up slightly left to steep wall. Mantle shelf up this then up to belay ledge at 25m. Either traverse left to abseil cable or make long rising traverse up rightwards to top of cliff.

FA: Iain Allan & Ian Howell, 1989

Trad 46m
HS 4c Stormbringer *

Start about 4.5m right of Pilot Of The Storm. Easily up to flake at 4.5m then surmount overhanging wall above on good jugs. Up slightly rightwards on easier rock to belay. Finish as for Pilot Of The Storm.

FA: Iain Allan & Ian Howell, 1989

Trad 46m
E2 5b Gone with the Wind

Start just right of the Cornflakes tree stump where a diagonal edge leads up rightwards. Climb wall on right of edge to base of steep wall. Power up this 1m left of bolt to horizontal break, below overhang. Move up overhang until a series of good jugs leads out horizontally rightwards 3m, and pull through overhang when possible. Climb wall above 3m to bolt belay. Up easy wall above to top.

FA: Iain Allan & Chris Ballard, 1989

Trad 46m
E1 5b AU:18 Ride Like the Wind

All that is great about Lukenia climbing. Start about 6m right of Gone With The Wind where there is a bolt some 4m up cliff. The title says it all. A gently overhanging wall which does not let up for 20m. Never desperate but tricky low down near the bolt. Four lunges follow to an easier but thrilling overhang and bolt belay on the wall above same as for Gone With the Wind. Either lower off here or climb unexciting wall above to top. It has become a classic and deservedly so.

FA: Iain Allan & Magnus Karlsen, 1989

Trad 43m
E4 6a Idiot Wind

For stout-hearted bachelors only! Start 6m right of Ride Like The Wind where an obvious root rises from the ground, just left of where the main overhang begins. Move up left to overhang. Bolt up on right. Climb overhang in pain just left of bolt and proceed carefully to horizontal break below main overhang. Move up this just left of bolt, then move right along lip of overhang 2.5m until good jugs lead up to bolt belay above. A rewarding excursion.

FA: Iain Allan & Clive Ward, 1989

Trad 43m
E4 6b Felicie Aussi

The second should have a back rope for the first 9m. At the right-hand end of Upper Cliffs is a prominent chimney. This superb technical route starts just left of this feature, below a slab, Gain slab easily and traverse left to corner (bolt). Swing around left edge and ascend face above (crux). On up steep rock (bolt), to a final belay bolt. Up easily to top or abseil off bolt.

FA: Herve Sergeraert & Piere Yves Gibello, 1990

Trad 31m
D Slippery Chimney

Chimney behind thick bush at right-hand end of Upper Cliffs.

Trad 16m
VD Slippery Corner

Start at base of chimney on right wall. 10m - Climb 1.5m and traverse right-handed to point of corner. Ascend direct to belay. 25m - Bands of rock and grassy ledges to finish. There now follows a dark wall with a variety of un- recorded climbs of about V.D. to S. standard before reaching Wide Chimney Boulder.

Trad 37m

Showing all 18 routes.

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