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Judas and Nimble

Several hundred yards up the road from Nemesis are two large boulders a few yards from the road. The lower has an obvious bulging crack line. This is 'Judas'. The second boulder has an ascending traverse line and a harder line up the centre of the face. This is 'Nimble'.

2021 Editor's note: The topo photos here are guesses as these are somewhat forgotten crags. If you come and repeat these lines and can confirm the lines please get in touch with the MCK!

MVS Judas

Layback up the crack, then up to roof. Traverse right, then up bulging crack to ledge. Climb lichen bulge above.

VS Nimble

Start on boulder to the right-hand end of this crag. Step onto the face and follow the traverse line to the tree. Easy rock above.

20 Dignity Lost

A two-move wonder but worth the visit for those two moves. The 4th buttress up the hill from Nemesis, it is the obvious one an the corner. The face has lichen all over with a dark, clean band up it. Start on the far right of the face as it's undercut to the left. Use the sloping holds to get through the overhang and pull around on lichen-filled holes. Traverse the break on lichen to the dean band and follow it to the top (natural pro).

Showing all 4 nodes.

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