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Square Crag

A small crag some 50 yds. behind the top of Jacob’s Ladder. It is lichen-covered on the right with a prominent overhang on the left. Approached by walking up from South Picnic Tree below Cakewalk Face, then right-handed to crag.

Recommended routes: Hypotenuse—S. Vertical—H.S

VD Arc

Follow a line about 3m to the left of the Standard Route. Ascend wall to point of overhang. Climb overhang direct to tree belay.

D Standard Route

Start at foot of slab below hole with thin crack above. From hole move slightly right to ledge at foot of steep wall. Traverse left to easier rock and then back right-handed to large platform with thread runner under overhang. Step out right round corner boulder onto face passing just to left of fig tree to finish.

HS Vertical

At very foot of slab some 1m to right of hole ascend smooth slab to ledge and take black wall behind directly to platform. Thread runner. Take overhang direct, above runner, to finish at small fig tree.

S Hypoteneuse

Start on right behind fig tree at base of groove. Climb groove to below small overhang. Move slightly right and onto the face. Slightly left and pull up to small ledge. From here easier rock leads just to right of fig tree to finish.

S Right Angle

Start 3m to left of chimney on north face of crag in small overhanging corner with pile of boulders. Step down 1m to left and traverse left around corner for about 3m. Climb wall direct to top.

VD Rhombus

Start as for Right Angle. Climb crack to small ledge. Ascend face and move out left-handed to belay on summit boulder.

VD Cube Chimney

The chimney on the north face of the crag.

Showing all 8 nodes.

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