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Scorpion Wall

From the North Picnic Tree walk up the gully between Practice Wall and Hyrax Wall until 50m beyond a prominent pyramid-shaped boulder. Immediately on the left is a wall with a wide dark water-streak in the middle, this is Scorpion Wall.

Recommended route: Centipede—S

VD Millipede

Start about 6m to left of narrow cleft. Pull up into small crack. Move left to point of buttress and ascend wall above direct.

S Centipede

Start in narrow cleft. Up cleft and then to right-hand wall, move diagonally right and up.

S Scorpion

Start in centre of dark waterway part of wall from middle of ledge, there is a small handhold at about 2m. From here to top.

S Tarantula

Start in crack to right of Scorpion. Climb left wall, cross eye of crack and move left again onto wall.

VD Spider

Start 2m to right of Tarantula at top of heap of boulders. Take nose direct and move off left-handed.

D Fly

Start 3m to right of pile of boulders on Spider at recess. Step onto broken shelf on right at 2m and climb wall direct.

Showing all 7 nodes.

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