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Showing all 12 routes.

Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Na Pha Daeng Deeper than the day
8b Deeper than the day
1 6b
2 6a+
3 6b
4 6b+
5 6c
6 6c+
7 7c
8 8b

FA: Jens Richter & Philip Flaemig, 2008

Mixed trad 210m, 8, 12
Na Pha Daeng Papillon

Set by Isabelle Schöffl, 2009

7a Inty

FA: Hoi, Isabelle Schöffl & Kelly Carbon, 2008

Sport 20m
7c+/8a Champa Nakon

FA: Isabelle Schöffl & volker schoeffl, 2009

6c Papillon

FA: Hoi & Thomas Wenk, 2008

5c Stem for Treasure

FA: Isabelle Schöffl, Hoi, Montserrat Carion & Anja Carion, 2008

Na Pha Daeng Calcaneus
7a+ Jungle Inside
1 ?
2 6b+
3 6c+
4 7a+
5 6b+

FA: Diego Zanesco & Michi Anders, 2008

Mixed trad 6, 29
7b A Million Elephants and a White Parasol

FA: Isabelle Schöffl & volker schoeffl

Sport 30m
Na Pha Daeng Millipede
7c Dream Catcher

Set by Isabelle Schöffl & volker schoeffl

Sport 30m
7c+ Sweet Dreams

Extension of 'Dream Catcher'

FA: Jens Richter, 2008

6c+ Welcome to the Jungle

FA: Matthias Stöcker, 2007

Sport 17m
7c+ Bullet Hole

FA: Matthias Stöcker & volker schoeffl, 2008

Sport 16m

Showing all 12 routes.

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