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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Robot Wall
7c Shaved Beaver Sport 30m
8a Achtung Klapperschlange Sport 30m
8a+ Sur le chemin de Zezette Sport 30m
8a Bukit ber Kebaya Sport 28m
7a Reini Robot Sport 18m
6c+ Back Bone Sport 23m
6b+ View Sport 23m
5c Orang putih mai belah Sport 32m
6c Ayaq Timbui

Set: Amirul Baharti, 7 Jul 2020

Sport 9m
Bukit Keteri West Belly Button
8a+ Valsalva Manuevre Sport 30m
8b Ice Pickl Sport 35m
7b+ Belly Button Window Sport 35m
7c Pixar Sport 20m
6a+ Siti

Set: Siti Nur Sara & Hajjar, 21 Feb 2021

Sport 15m, 4
6b Fay Sport 18m, 8
7a+ Keretapi Sport 18m
7b+ Zamboney Sport 18m, 6
6b Dust in the Wind Sport 15m
8c+ Nix fuer Lutscher

Climbed by David Lama and Cedric Lachat, most probably hardest route in SEA.

Sport 30m
7c+ Almhudler Sport 20m
Bukit Keteri West Raja
4c Piece for King

Hangar removed. Only top rope available.

Sport 13m
4a Tuanku

Hangar removed. Only top rope available.

Sport 15m
5a Jamallullail

Hangar removed. Only top rope available.

Sport 15m
7c+ Afterburner
1 6c+ 22m
2 7c+ 35m
Sport 57m, 2, 8
6a Canale Grande Sport 25m
6b Il Pilestro Sport 25m
6a Gajah Sport 28m
5c Padi Sport 28m
6a Rimba Batu Sport 27m
Bukit Keteri West Mata
7a Jepun 1

Bolted by unknown Japanese climber. Hence the name Jepun.

Sport 8m, 4
7a+ Kedah Tua

Jump start.

FA: Akif Nukman, 17 Sep

Set: Akif Nukman, 17 Sep

Sport 8m, 4
7b Jepun 2

Located nearby Mata Timur, start on a pillar then traverse all the way right to the ending.

7c Jepun 3

Same start with Jepun 2, climb straight up instead of traversing right. The hardest line in the Jepun trilogy.

7c+ Scherer Blaerer Sport 18m
8c+ Delicate and Smooth Sport 18m
8b+ Mata Timur Sport 20m
5c Pillar

Questionable bolt ethic for this route, the whole pillar that is bolted on is hollow on the inside. Safety concern is raised whether the pillar can withstand the impact of any lead fall. Avoid climbing this route at all cost.

8a Langkasuka

Open project. Grade estimation only.

Set: Faiz Ridzwan, 12 Jun 2022

Sport 12m, 6
Bukit Keteri West Gulag
6b Yellow Rice Sport 29m
7b+ Gulag Sport 30m
7a K3 Sport 32m
7a Sama Sama Orang Kampung Sport 34m
6a+ Flu Bug Sport 25m
6b Nose Leak Sport 26m
6c Missing Darling Sport 23m
6b+ Acheh Sport 25m
6c Katrina Sport 26m
6b Disturbing Sport 26m
6a+ Lorenz Sport 24m
6a Marie Sport 35m
6a Susu Sport 25m, 11
6a+ Helty Sport 25m, 9
6b Helty with pillar

Advise not to climb on the pillars due to safety issue. The whole pillar that is bolted on is hollow on the inside. Whether it can hold any impact is very questionable.

Sport 36m, 2, 12
6b+ White Snow is coming Sport 25m
6b+ Bad Smell Sport 24m, 9
5b+ Simen Sport 24m, 8
6a+ Vitegen Sport 23m
6a Canai Sport 23m
5c Coma Dance Sport 22m, 6
5c Tajam-Lu Sport 22m, 6
Bukit Keteri South
5b+ Pin and Needle

FA: Lin (Australia), 2023

Set: Ameer Hamdee & Jason Australia, 2023

Sport 20m, 8
New Route (Unfinish)

No established anchor yet

Set: Perlis Climbers, Eric LYK & Aneng, 2023

Sport 11
Project South

Open project for FA attempt

Set: Zainol Din, 2017

Sport 35m, 14
6c IFSC Belayer

FA: Azri Coco, 2018

Set: Perlis Climbers, 2018

Sport 25m, 9
6c+ Kari Hijau Australia

Set: Zainol Din, 2018

FA: Brook Tasler, 2019

Sport 15m, 8
7b Tufa Mustafa

Set: Perlis Climbers, 2018

FA: Along, 2019

Sport 16m, 8

Showing all 66 routes.

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