Perlis is the northern most state of Malaysia and shares a border with Thailand. The climbing and limestone cliffs towering over the land are similar to those in Krabi, but with bigger caves and fresher routes (unlike the super polished routes all around Tonsai). There is climbing in mountainous national park in the west of Perlis - the rest of Perlis is flat with gorgeous limestone monoliths scattered through the land. The climbing ranges from easy to crazy hard.


If you want to be off the beaten path and find incredible climbing on limestone cliffs, come to Perlis. The climbing is secluded and routes are fresh.

To avoid the extreme heat, bugs and wet season, the best time to climb here is between January and April. Though you can climb all year round, just bring bug spray and avoid climbing on midday.

The people here are very friendly, the food is great and everyone is welcoming to climbers. Food and accommodation here is cheap very cheap.

There is endless opportunity here for climbing. The “Perlis Climbers” have plans to bolt another 1000 routes in the state and turn the area into a haven for rock climbers.

You should contact the “Perlis Climbers” for any information. A lot of information of this area is not online. The “Perlis Climbers” will be a huge help for you. +60129466569 (This is Amirul’s number, contact him on WhatsApp)


If you don’t have a partner, one of the “Perlis Climbers” will definitely go climb with you. They are incredible people and have incredible plans for the area. Some of the crags are difficult to find and require going through long caves on the approach, the “Perlis Climbers” will make your life so much easier to find the crag and they can show you the best places.

Where to stay

Free camping is allowed at all of the crags other than Gua Kalem, where you can get a campsite for a dollar a night. There are cheap homestay available too.

Unlocated crags

This region has 3 unlocated crags! If you think you know where Semadong, Bukit Jernih or Gua Kelam are located then please take a minute to locate them for the climbing community.

Locating crags gives you Karma points. Please contact us if you have any issues.


Check out what is happening in Perlis.

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