Esta pared se encuentra dentro del cañón de la boca. De la pared principal de la boca se caminan unos 30 minutos para llegar a la Sabrosa.

La Sabrosa is a 300’ cave-like wall high above La Boca.


Sigue la vereda que entra al cañón. Hay un arrollo que te invita a salirte a la izquierda para ir a la pared de la Sabrosa (que ya se ve) pero no sigan este camino. Es necesario seguir caminando unos 300 metros y después hay otra vereda que sube a la izquierda y un poco de regreso. Esta vereda sube la montaña y en un punto se divide el camino en dos, tomas el que va a la izquierda y eventualmente llegas a la pares de la Sabrosa.

To access walk about 10 minutes into La Boca until the canyon splits, stay right (in the main canyon) and continue on the trail. Keep an eye out up and left for a massive cave with a huge whole at mid height. After another 5 minutes the trail forks: the right fork stays on the canyon floor, while the left fork climbs steeply up the left wall of the canyon. Take the left fork and climb up a good trail for 10 minutes until the final switchback before the cliffs. Leave the main trail and take the trail that hugs the cliffs for 10 more minutes back to Wall. The hike from the Main Wall to the La Sabrosa is estimated at 30min. Worth the hike for the day.

Ethic inherited from El Salto; C.d.G.

Climbing around Cienega de Gonzalez developed over many years and was and is being carried out by many different developers. Many of them local Mexicans but also loads of foreigners that pass through, bolt and "disappear". The information about climbs in this area is thus incomplete in the sense of route names, developers, first ascensionists and sometimes even grades. Please contribute by entering your grade contributions (Edit Route, enter grade, safe) and by adding new routes and information whenever you encounter it. The climbing community will be thankful!



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Shade after about 11am.

Es la primera grieta obvia que se ve en la pared cuando vas llegando.

Climb the obvious bouldery finger crack behind the big tree at the bottom of the wall. Start to the left of the first bolt.

Set: Alex Catlin & Ralph Vega, 2006

Es la siguiente ruta a la derecha de Tundrosa Crack.

The thin face route straight up to Brujita’s anchors. Maybe 5.14.

Set: Clayton Reagan, Nov 2015

Es la ruta de la derecha de la segunda reunión.

Cruise up the block and easy dihedral and then up the steep left angling crack.

Set: Alex Catlin & Ralph Vega, 2006

Closed left angling project. Estimated at 5.13c.

Set: Alex Catlin, Nov 2015

Empieza en desplome, vas por una grieta que termina en techo y de ahí un dino a unos huecos. De los huecos te vas a la izquierda y luego hacia arriba por una grieta que te lleva aun diedro. La reunión esta donde termina el diedro de lado izquierdo.

Big dyno low down to a huge pod. A few hard moves take you to a dihedral up high and the final crux.

Set: Alex Catlin, 2006

Right of La Venenosa. Climb steep black rock up to a crack. Estimated at 5.14.

Set: Ricardo Vara, Nov 2015

Starts left of cave, goes to huecos and up to anchor. Start at the far right in the steepest part of the cave.

Set: Alex Catlin & Ralph Vega, 2006

FFA: Alex Catlin, May 2016

Same start as La Cariñosa Tufa but goes left. Climb the wide crack to the tufa, then continue straight up the finger crack.

Set: Alex Catlin, Nov 2015

Climb the same wide crack as Ponnuki, then angle out right to gain the obvious orange tufa.

Set: Alex Catlin, Nov 2015

Estimated at 5.13?

Set: Alex Catlin, Nov 2015

Es el diedro que termina en techo.

The overhanging dihedral up to the upper roof.

Set: Alex Catlin, Nov 2015

Start just left of a tree growing out of the cliff and pass the broken roof the left of the dihedral to gain the pumpy thin tufa.

Set: Alex Catlin, Feb 2016

Shares the same start as Nitambini, but goes straight up to the classic black tufa system. The most popular route here.

Set: Alex Catlin, Nov 2015

After a very rotten start to the right of the tree, climb excellent rock through the orange tufa system.

Set: Alex Catlin, Nov 2015

Climb up to a small technical dihedral half way up and then ride the pump to the final crux.

Set: Connie Rochelle, Nov 2015

Shade in the morning and after 2pm.

Esta ruta va por un diedro que tiene algunos huecos en la parte de arriba.

Start on the slab and climb then up through huge overhanging huecos.

Set: Alex Catlin, Nov 2015

The left slab route. Climb 5m to the right of the huge scary block.

Set: Connie Rochelle, Nov 2015

Empieza en un slab a favor de color negro.

The center slab route.

Set: Connie Rochelle, Nov 2015

Es la de la mera derecha de la pared, cuidado con la caída de piedras.

The rightmost slab/dihedral route.

Set: Connie Rochelle, Nov 2015


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