Little Babylon




Keep going up hill above Babylon



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right next to solitude. The names are nicely written on the rock.

The awesome headwall above the ring bolt on Bish Bosh Bash. Finishes at the cold shuts.

From part way up the second pitch of Rua Tahi, head right wards to the anchor of Tantalus.

FA: Derek Thatcher, 2013

Start up Rua Tahi but ever right through steep crux.

Left side of cave.

FA: Derek Thatcher, 2008

Right side of cave on steep terrain, then traverse left on lip.

FA: Kester Brown, 2008

Starts from right side of cave, up steep section and onto head wall.

Set by Al Ritchie

FA: Zac Orme

Start up Xerxes, then straight up to join Hey Zues.

Set by Jon Sedon

Right diagonal weakness.

FA: Derek Thatcher, 2007

FA: John Sedon, 2008

Start from tree on top of slab. Up whit steak rock. Join ITP.

FA: Matt Evarad, 2008

Climb slab until the roof. Follow chalked up weakness through the rock, then diagonally left to anchors.

FA: Thomas Anderson, 2007

Extension of ITP. From anchors, left up vague ramp.

FA: Thomas Anderson, 2008

Extension of Hercules, left of Xena.

FA: Derek Thatcher, 2013

Extension to Hercules. Continue straight up through roof.

FA: Chris Münch, 2008

Start ITP, boulder, then dyno, then up crux of Xena. Will probably be a 35 /9a

Set by Aaron Ford & Sally Ford

FA: Max Far, 2007

Overhanging left leaning crack line.

FA: Derek Thatcher, 2014

Up slab to series of small roofs.

Set by Thomas Anderson

FA: Mayan Gobat-Smith, 2008

FA: Derek Thatcher, 2008

Set by Thomas Anderson

FA: Derek Thatcher, 2007

FA: Derek Thatcher, 2009

Follows weakness then onto head wall.

Set by Bruce Dowrick

FA: Jonathan Clearwater, 2008

Head up layback and onto face.

FA: Bruce Dowrick, 2007

FA: Jon Sedon, 2007

Bulge right of Hell Boy.

FA: Zac Orme

Set by Al Ritchie

FA: Bruce Dowrick, 2012

FA: Jon Sedon, 2012

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