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Showing 1 - 100 out of more than 10,000 routes.

Grade Route Gear style Popularity
United States Alabama Horse Pens 40 Slider
Matchmaker Unknown
United States Alabama Steele
5.9 Monopoly Arete Unknown 24m
5.9 Birds Nest Crack Unknown
5.9 Suger Magnolia Unknown
5.9 Golden Arches Unknown
5.10a Golden Arch Unknown
5.12a Jetstream Unknown
5.11b Cloak& Dagger Unknown
5.10d Rockwa Unknown
5.9 Bulging Fear Unknown
5.9 Desparado Unknown
5.6 Apple Pie Unknown
5.11 Trickster's Unknown
5.9 Electric Chain Unknown
5.8 The Bolt Unknown
5.10 Death Row Unknown
5.11+ Pyscho Killer Unknown
5.13a Meathooks Unknown
Renegades Unknown
5.12a Tech Noir Unknown
5.12d Fyling Circus Unknown
5.11b Modern Day Pirates Unknown
5.10a Ready Mix Unknown
5.8 Lazer Unknown
United States Alabama Palisades Park
5.7 firetower Unknown 23m
5.6 elephant crack Unknown 26m
5.5 Buckets Unknown 18m
5.10 Mickey's Mantle Unknown 21m
5.9 Micro Gully Unknown
5.9 Boobs Unknown
5.8 Unnamed 7" Right of Boobs Unknown
5.5 The Piller Chimney Unknown
5.5 The Piller Unknown
5.7 Box Lunch Unknown 18m
5.7 Squat Unknown
5.8 Steeples Unknown 24m
5.6 Posey's Pass Unknown 21m
5.7 Warp Factor Unknown 21m
5.9 The Flake Unknown 21m, 2
5.7 Dirty Dancing Unknown 21m
5.7 Unnamed Unknown 21m
5.5 Exit Stage Left Unknown 17m
5.7 Cashmere Unknown 21m
5.9 Date with Death Unknown
5.7 Pickin' Pockets Unknown
5.6 Chimney Unknown 20m
5.5 Bubba Unknown 21m
5.7 unnamed Unknown 23m
5.8 jumpin jeff flash Unknown 21m
5.6 American Pie Unknown 20m
5.8 Nine to Five Unknown 21m
5.8 Webs Unknown 21m
5.7 Draggin The line Unknown 15m


United States Alabama Cherokee Rock Village
5.8 Pin Chimney
Unknown 27m
5.10c Green Gully
5.10 Six Toes
5.9 Jaws

30 foot boulder problem that 99% of people top rope. Rock horn at top of arete can easily be slung and equalized with a tree nearby.

FA: Dave Fortner

Unknown 11m
5.9 Golden Flake (Popular Science)
Unknown 24m
5.8 Windows (First Black in Space Direct)

Toprope only!

FA: Shannon Stegg & Forrest Gardner

Unknown 26m
5.7 Slug
Unknown 24m
5.6 Knob Wall
Unknown 29m
5.6 Guppy's Idaho
Unknown 18m
5.10c Muffins are Burning
5.11a Thud of a Scud

FA: Curtis Glass & Shannon Stegg

Unknown 20m
5.8 Pebble Power

FA: Shannon Stegg & Stewart Coffield

5.8 Faith

FA: Shannon Stegg & Curtis Glass

Unknown 24m
5.10a Rodeo Ride

FA: Shannon Stegg & Stan Glass

Unknown 21m
5.9 White Gold

Up the awkward, flaring chimney/crack and into a very nice section of hands/fingers. Balance your way around to the right.

Unknown 18m
5.8 on the beach
5.10a Sneakers
5.11a Shut Out
5.10c Wilma
5.10c Fred
5.10d Snuff the Rooster
5.10b Glasstic
Unknown 18m
5.11b Nick of Time
Unknown 23m
5.11b Buckwheat
Unknown 15m
5.10a Scarecrow

Mixed route with one bolt and a crack that sucks up gear. Located on the slab across from Mudwall. Starts slightly left of the bolt on very thin slab, then follow up the crack. Finishes on anchors with quicklinks.

Unknown 12m
United States Alabama Griffin Falls
5.9 Thin Flakes Unknown
5.8 Lazy Eight Unknown
5.9 Whetstone Unknown
5.9 Knife Crack Unknown
5.10d Grace Under Pressure Unknown
5.11d Power Windows Unknown
5.11b Smashing Pumpkins Unknown
5.11a Daydream Nation Unknown
5.11a Just Right Unknown
5.11a Second Cup Unknown
5.11b Over Easy Unknown
5.10c Flap Jack Unknown
United States Alabama Jamestown
5.11a Twinkle Toes Unknown
5.9 Wild Iris Unknown
5.11 Wild Iris Variation Unknown
5.10 Cinnamon Girls Unknown
5.8 Pickin' & Grinnin' Unknown
5.10c Bishop of Krunk Unknown
5.10a The King of Bling Unknown
5.9 Medusa Tree Unknown
5.11c Medusa Tree2 Unknown

Showing 1 - 100 out of more than 10,000 routes.

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