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North Macedonia

Climbing season: The crag is south-west orientated and provides perfect conditions for climbing in the period from October till beginning of May. Good climbing is also possible in the summer, only inside in the cave.

Before the Cave

Super nice routes!

Kadina Before the Cave
6b Петар Пан
6c Божиќ
6b+ “Dry“ Димче
6b Кокиче
6c Шерпаси
7c El Pablo
7c Mara Vinz
7b Прво па машко
7b Царинбаба
7a Ѕвезда северница
7b Инспектор јога
6b Зиги
7b Друго е Лашко
6a+ Директорка
6c Т’га за југ
6c Плејбоj
7a C.A.C
7c Шуто оризари
In the Cave

Big overhanging routes!

Kadina In the Cave
7b+ Сачмарка
6b Малик
8a Атлантида
6c Синбад
6a Скриен патлак

Скриен патлак............6а (L1)/

M&M...8a (L2) roof left,

Циганско девојче.....? (L2) roof strait

6c+ Кума лиска

Кума лиска.................6a (L1) / 6c+(L2) roof

6a+ Астра
6c Ж’т џоинт
Фул монти.....................7а+
8c Летеча Betsy..............8c
8b+ Rose Tattoo
8b Шеги
8a Гејо Лама
7b+ Скопски Штајерац
Left of the cave
Kadina Left of the cave
7b Зоркин Божилак
7a+ Мајчина душица
6b+ Љумфер
6c Афричка урда
6a+ Емче кремче
6c К2 San
5c+ Mimi's therapy...........5c+
Skopje Matka
6c+ Jambo Jet
Matkino Trlo

Location: From St. Nikola, take the first trail on the right which generally follows a ridge system toward Mt. Vodno. There are small blue sings painted on rocks to help find the way. or From village St.Petka, behind Vodno mountain is approximately 45 minutes.

Skopje Matka Matkino Trlo
5 Chamche
5 Alfa Sali
6a+ Mrzliv
6b Srdalinka
7a La Cumbre
7b Cero Trlo
6a+ Tvrdoglavi
6b+ Fin Mus
6c+ Dont wary bé happy
6b Ивент
6a+ Кактус Пуци
Весел Голоб
6b Биг бол
6a+ Спикер
6a+ Жена ми не ме пуштa
6c+ Кичма
Том и Џери
6c+ Fly Cobe
Skopje Matka
Otmarova karpa

Take the trail that leads down to the lake from St. Nikola Shishevski to the base of the south/southwest side of this crag. At the fork in the trail, take the path on the right. The routes are easy to find since they are marked with small blue and white painted signs. All routes on Otmar's finish on the top of the ridge that also defines the route Novogodishen. Follow this route back to the monastery. It’s usually always in sight and makes a good landmark.

Skopje Matka Otmarova karpa
7b Batman
6c+ Мадам Милева

First and third pitch are trad route with 5 grade!

6b Панчева

Multi-pitch route, one of the classical famous route at Otmar's rock.

6a+ Смдрлива нога
5c Банкет во блитва
6a Лажи Вере
6c+ Џамбо Џет

Very first sport climbing route in Macedonia.

6b+ Првут
6a Mолерите
6a Tрите ноја
6a+ Aдинг Покс
6b Зелен Заб
7a+ Види Поскок
6c Гуштеров лет
5b Тито Партија
5b Дедо Мијак
5c Big Mама
6b+ Матуф екстрем
5b Marry Jane
5c Tигар
Skopje Matka

This crag is on the right of the main trail when you are going to the monastery St. Nikola Shishevski, about 200 meters on the left side from the hydro plant as you are approaching.

Skopje Matka Centrala
6c Чарли Чаплин
6c+ Циго Постмодерна
7a+ Централа Екстрем

Very good all style route!

Skopje Matka

This rock is located up to the refuge Matka, on 200m distance from the lake. It is on the right side of the main mountain trail, this start from the mountain refuge Matka.

Skopje Matka Pier
8a Без Моа
7c+ Апокалипса
7c Кенеф
Skopje Matka
Matka hut

There are several routes on the rock face immediately around the refuge. Late spring, summer and early autumn are best for climbing in this area, since it is north facing. Be careful after rain, the rock dries slowly.

Skopje Matka Matka hut
6a+ Спелеолошка
6b A1 Дино

Showing 1 - 100 out of 632 nodes.

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