Kurssektor, lower



Access issues inherited from Sundenuten

The parking is the landowners' timber storage space. Please make room for others by parking with the front or rear facing the edge and let timber trucks be able to pass. No available parking? Park along the main road (Rv41) without being a nuisance to traffic.


Reached by turning left after the path has led you to the wall (Main sector). Then use the fixed ropes over a smal slab and follow the path around the corner.

Descent notes

Absail ankers on every belay on the wall. No problem reaching one with a 50m rope. You can easily reach the ground with a 70m rope. (remember to tie knots on your rope ends if you're not sure your rope are 70m. Walk down option from the top (after last pitch of Lett & Luftig).

Ethic inherited from Sundenuten

Top rope on your own gear, ankers are ment for abseiling and lowering last climber on the route. Please make sure to bring your litter back from the crag, including cigarette butts.


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Grade Route

Warning Rock:

"Mountain route" with blocks and rests. The crux is getting off the ground up the thin crack. Bring your big cams (0,75-4)

Set: Eirik Sjo, 2019

FA: Eirik Sjo, 28 Apr 2019

A memorable crux and the 15m hand crack in the end will make this a favourite among trad climbers. Bring 3 x 60-slings; one for the thread early on the route and 2 for the crux: A red C3 and a gray Alien (or similar).

Set: Eirik Sjo, 2019

FA: Eirik Sjo, 28 Apr 2019

Friction is the keyword..

Set: Eirik Sjo, 2019

FA: Eirik Sjo, 5 Aug 2019

Thin and tricky. Sares start with "Hotell Knatten"

1 5a
2 6a+

2 pitches (5-, 6), Gives access to most of the routes from the main shelf, mid wall ("Kurssektoren upper").

Set: Eirik Sjo, 2019

FA: Eirik Sjo, 12 May 2019

Picking this as first pitch, will make Krisesenteret a more sustainable climb.

Set: Eirik Sjo, 2019

FA: Eirik Sjo, 12 May 2019

Easy to the crux before the top (wich got two finnishes (Left: To "Unntak fra regelen" / Right: To "Lett & Luftig" & "110-hjelp").

FA: Eirik Sjo, 2019

Same start as "Annemor," but immediately move left diagonally through parallell cracks. First 5m is better protected than it appears: Pause on good rests and look for placements. "Brødskiva" makes a great second trad pitch.

FA: Eirik Sjo

Leads to "Vandrealken" with the possibility to make a 3 pitches sustained climb. 60m rope is sufficiant. (OBS! Tie a knot at rope end.)

Set: Eirik Sjo, 2019

FA: Eirik Sjo, 28 May 2019


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