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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Oppland Flaggsvaet
{FR} 6a Knauser'n Sport 5
{FR} 5b Motorsagmassakeren

Straight up after the 3rd pitch of "Knauser'n"

{FR} 5b Should I stay or should I go

Shares the first pitch with "Knauser'n".

Sport 3
{FR} 5a Mosquito Horribles

Starts right of "Knauser'n". Leftmost bolt line.

Sport 3
{FR} 5a My pain, your thrill

Shares the first pitch with "Mosquito Horribles"

Sport 2
{FR} 4c Hurra-ruta

Shares the first pitch with "Mosquito Horribles"

Oppland Jarberget
{FR} 5b Æftas-sprekken Trad 25m
{FR} 7a+ Je, Mohammed og fire horer Sport 25m
{FR} 5c Ali Baba Sport 10m
{FR} 6c+ Strikkmotoren Sport 15m
{FR} 5a Harry Ronny-ruta Trad 15m
{FR} 6b+ Overraskelsen Sport 20m
{FR} 6b+ Svett engel Trad 25m
{FR} 6b+ Max Flaks Sport 25m
{FR} 6a+ Syse Trad 20m
{FR} 5b Tre små griser Trad 20m
{FR} 6c+ Judas Sport 20m
{FR} 6a Morrabrød Trad 18m
{FR} 6a+ Arnold Trad 10m
{FR} 4c Knurre boff boff Trad 25m
{FR} 6a Buskas Trad 10m
3+ Diagonalen Trad 30m
{FR} 7a+ Allah gjør det bedre Sport 20m
{FR} 7b Fem rognstinne nonner og en bunch med syltelabber Sport 15m
{FR} 6a Skolebrød Trad 25m
{FR} 6b+ Noko attåt Trad 25m
{FR} 6b+ Ikødn Trad 20m
{FR} 5a Debut Trad 25m
{FR} 6a+ Cuba-krisen Sport 20m
{FR} 6c Terrorbalansen Sport 22m
{FR} 6c Matmoms Sport 22m
{FR} 5b Åkern Trad 20m
{FR} 7b H-Js håndjager Sport 17m
{FR} 6a+ Ukjent Sport 15m
FR:5b Ukjent (easy variant)

A variation of "Ukjent" which goes on the left side of the bulge/arete in the middle of the route and merges again with "Ukjent" for the top part on the right. Has been bolted.

{FR} 7a+ Kurwa Sport 15m
{FR} 6b+ Dziwka Sport 15m
{FR} 6c Torture chamber Trad 18m
7 Laskarisset Trad 40m
{FR} 7b+ Kanan Sport 42m
{FR} 8a Ræchtalt ødema Sport 37m
{FR} 6c Parkinson

Has fixed draws.

FA: Andreas Fredborg, 1987

Sport 25m
{FR} 7a Hyperventilator

Route name is written on the wall. Fixed draws up to the first anchor.

FA: Andreas Fredborg, 1987

Sport 25m
{FR} 8a Atal Sport 55m
{FR} 6c Pusen Sport 50m
{FR} 7c No more mister nice guy Sport 25m
{FR} 7b+ Thaiboxing
1 7b 25m
2 7b+ 25m

Route name is written on the wall. Fixed draws up to the first anchor.

Sport 50m, 2
{FR} 7c Beinste
1 7b+ 30m
2 7c 10m

Has fixed draws to the first anchor.

FA: Torkel Røisli, 1999

Sport 40m, 2
{FR} 8a+ Barbarella Sport 38m
{FR} 8a Befrielsen Sport 35m
FR:6c+ Feet on Fire

FA: Torkel Røisli, 2000

FR:6a+ Lille gullet

FA: Runar Carlsen, 2015


Project to the right of Lille gullet.

FR:7c+ Nail polish and sexy dolls

FA: Runar Carlsen, 2015

{FR} 7c+ Topless Yankee Girl Sport 15m
{FR} 7b Mr. Tricky Sport 20m
6 Wild West Trad 30m
7+/8- Strawberry Fields Trad 25m
6- Jeans, Cowboys and Lost Arrows Trad 18m
FR:8a Glory hole

FA: Runar Carlsen, 2016

{FR} 7c+ Windego Sport 25m
6- Extra Lars Trad 30m
6 Polish Trad 18m
5+ Maxim Trad 15m
6+ Nanvløs 1 Sport 15m
7 Kontoristens dagdrømmer Sport 40m
6 Land-ekspressen Trad 20m
7- Kreativ stabling Trad 40m
5+ HVPU-reformen Trad 15m
6- Musefella Trad 40m
6- No Pussy Trad 40m
7 Berserk Sport 45m
7+/8- Autoroute du soleil Sport 45m
Nanvløs 2 Trad 45m
5+ Fandens dansegolv Sport 30m
5+ Knudrepinne Sport 12m
5 Tripp, trapp, svasko Sport 12m
7+/8- Lucky's corner Sport 23m
6+ Soplimsroa Sport 15m
7- Østlia Sport 15m
Oppland Jutulporten Høgre kant
3 Diederet

FA: Jo Gjende, 5 Sep 2018

7 Sandbagged Undercling

FA: Ulf Ryen, 5 Sep 2018

7+ Krimp

FA: Ulf Ryen, 5 Sep 2018

6- Aualeén Trad
Oppland Jutulporten Hovedveggen
8- Hylle til hylle

FA: Ola Iver Røe

8 Lett Rus

FA: Bjørn Slåen

7+ Lavball

FA: Ola Iver Røe, 3 Sep 2018

7- Minne om Doseth

FA: Ulf Ryen, 3 Sep 2018

8- Eksil i Vågå

FA: Marius Morstad, 1987

8/8+ Tung Rus

FA: Hilding Jonassen

8 Jutulporten Direkte

FA: Marius Morstad

8/8+ Kjellarmannen

FA: Ola Iver Røe

8/8+ Bakke line

FA: Bjørn Slåen

Oppland Jutulporten Hovedveggen høgre
7+ Sigmund Jarle

FA: Eilev Sulheim

6+ Klenningje

FA: Terje Kleiven

7- Ellen Birgitte Trad
6- Blessomen

FA: Terje Kleiven

Oppland Jutulporten Hovedveggen vingstre
5- Møydommen

FA: Terje Kleiven

7 Den andre møydomen

FA: Øystein Kleiven

7- Pelles Pitch

FA: Per Ivar Weydahl, 3 Sep 2018


Showing 1 - 100 out of 6,449 routes.

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