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Author(s): GRYTTR

Date: 2019

Small bouldering area in the northeast of Oslo - 175 problems distributed over 4 subareas - difficulties range from 3 to 8a+

Areas: Tokerud

Date: 2018

The Østmarka reserve (east of Oslo) is an ideal boulder ground for the whole family - 249 problems between 3 to 7c+

Areas: Tokerud

Author(s): Eivind Nordeide

Date: 2022

ISBN: 9788230357538

The climbing guide describes 36 crags and walls in the Romsdalen valley, the Molde-Region and the spectacular Eresfjord - around 750 climbing routes.

Areas: Romsdal

Author(s): R. Bolling

Date: 2019

The bouldering guidebook describes 12 bouldering areas around the Arctic Circle / 1568 boulder problems and many open projects.

Areas: Salten , Helgeland

Author(s): Authors Collective

Date: 2020

Innerdalen is one of the most classic mountain climbing areas in Norway. The book describes classical alpinroutes.

Areas: Innerdal

Author(s): Kolsas

Date: 2021

All climbing possibilities in the Oslo area up to date.

Areas: Oslo , Hammer'n

Author(s): J. Paulsson

Date: 2016

Bouldering in Lofoten - 24 different areas with a total of 752 boulder problems.

Areas: Lofoten

Author(s): H. Weninger

Date: 2021

Climbing in southern Norway - single and multi pitches - trad and sport climbing - Language: German, Norwegian, English

Areas: Setesdal

Author(s): C. Craggs, Th. Enevold

Date: 2017

Lofoten - perfect, grey granite in dramatic landscapes. These islands provide terrain for every climber. Whether multi-pitch, sport climbing routes or long trad routes

Areas: Lofoten

Author(s): Bergen Klatreklubb

Date: 2021

Areas: Uskedalen

Author(s): Gryttr

Date: 2020

Areas: Nissedal

Author(s): R.Carlsen und L. V. Wagelid

Date: 2021

ISBN: 9788299776981

Climb Norway - dieser Kletterführer ist ein gutes Überblickswerk für eine kleine Auswahl von Klettergebieten in Norwegen verteilt über das ganze Land.

Areas: Norway

Showing all 12 publications.

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