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Mon 28th Sep 2020 - Flatanger
Hanshallaren Muy Verdes
9b+ Change

Stefano via Insta: "Change 9b+ ✅ The battle is over, unexpectedly soon, a mental and physical fight that took me more than one month and two trips to Flatanger, it ended today with a bloodbath lasted more than one hour of climbing to complete the 185 moves and 55m of Change, the very first 9b+ in the world, bolted and climbed only by Adam Ondra in 2012. I feel relieved, tired and happy, and I enjoyed everything it came with this amazing (and frustrating) journey. Thanks to Sara as always, to all the people who took part in this process, and to all the people who cheered me up today during the endless climb."

Sport 55m
Stefano Ghisolfi
Thu 4th Oct 2012 - Flatanger
Hanshallaren Muy Verdes
9b+ Change Sport 55m
Adam Ondra

Showing all 2 ascents.

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