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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Skjomdalen Middagsklubben
7B Salte peanøtter Boulder
Narvik Svartdalen Main Area
FR:8a Kristenmannsblod

Shared anchor with Sauen.

FA: Håkon Wegge, 2019

Sport 20m
FR:8a Warspite

Mixed route with a cam needed for the upper section

FA: Dagfinn Eilertsen & Robert Caspersen, 2000

Narvik Svartdalen Main Area
FR:7c+ Slaget om Narvik

FA: Frode Sobhi & Fredrik Hansson, 2004

FR:7c+ Kill Bill Sport
Hamarøy Sleppen Hovedveggen
8+ Up And Go Sport
Hamarøy Tysfjord og Efjorden Eidetind
8+ Kjerna

An outrageous, overhanging open project

TradProject 2
Skjomdalen Middagsklubben
7A Carapils Boulder
Narvik Svartdalen Main Area
FR:7c Blanke Hælvete

FA: Dagfinn Eilertsen & Frode Sobhi, 2007

Sport 15m
Skjomdalen Stiberg
8 Høststorm


Hamarøy Sleppen Steinen
6C+ Knarsk eller kneip Boulder
Skjomdalen Stiberg
8 Pump-o-rama

FA: Fredrik Hansson, 2009

Trad 35m
Skjomdalen Middagsklubben
6C Dessert Boulder
Narvik Svartdalen Main Area
FR:7b Sauen

FA: Håkon Wegge, 2019

Sport 20m
Skjomdalen Stiberg
8- Flaket Trad
Hamarøy Sleppen Steinen
6B+ Skarpe kanter Boulder
6B+ Krimp eller slapp Boulder
Narvik Svartdalen Main Area
FR:7a+ Jantedøden

FA: Rune Harjo Jensen, 2019

Sport 15m
Hamarøy Sleppen Hovedveggen
8- Fallgruven Sport
8- Main summit north face Trad 7
Narvik Svartdalen Main Area
8- Fanden på veggen Sport
8- Tele sauvage Sport
Narvik Haugfjellet Kjerringveggen
8- Kjerringdjevel Sport
Skjomdalen Stiberg
7/7+ Landstrykeren Top rope
Skjomdalen Middagsklubben
6B Kakao med krem Boulder
Narvik Svartdalen Main Area
FR:7a Gach-Gach

The extension to Gakk-Gakk. Over the roof and up the slab..

FA: Håkon Wegge

Sport 20m
FR:7a KiF

FA: Dagfinn Eilertsen, 2000

Sport 20m
FR:7a Skyddsängeln

FA: Anna Nystedt, 2020

FR:7a VVS Sport
Hamarøy Tysfjord og Efjorden Eidetind
7+ Karikåpa
1 4
2 6-
3 6
4 5+
5 5+
6 2
7 7-
8 7+
9 5+
10 4

There´s some initial admission ticket vegetation climbing on the lower portion of the route. The remaining pitches are high quality climbing on good friction granite.

A long traverse to the right below the top third of the face (after 5 pitches) leads to the base of two obvious dihedrals. The biggest dihedral to the right has a lot of vegetation, so climb the left hand one. This is the crux section of the route and starts with a perfect finger crack that eventually turns into a hand crack (#3 Camalot). The crux section is steep but is easily aid climbed if you can't manage the 7+ climbing.

FA: Stian Bruvoll & Jo Espen, Jul 2019

Trad 530m, 10
Hamarøy Tysfjord og Efjorden Kugelhorn
7+ Vind för Våg
1 6+ 40m
2 7- 30m
3 6+ 35m
4 7+ 40m
5 7 35m
6 6+ 50m

FA: Krister Jonsson, 26 Aug 2019

Trad 230m, 6
Hamarøy Tysfjord og Efjorden Stetind
7+ Nordveggen Trad 34
Skjomdalen Stiberg
7+ La Linja

FA: Steinulv Aarebrot

Trad 35m
Narvik Haugfjellet Svaplattan
7+ Dansa din djävul Trad 55m, 2
Narvik Haugfjellet Kjerringveggen
7+ Hjørnet directe Sport
Skjomdalen Middagsklubben
6A+ Pannacotta Boulder
6A+ Nattmat Boulder
Skjomdalen Stiberg
7 Habanos


Skjomdalen Stiberg
7-/7 Chained All Round Trad
Narvik Leirvik
FR:6c+ Storkuken
Hamarøy Sleppen Steinen
6A Med smørende fot Boulder
6A Løvenes kongle Boulder
6A Lene seg på den ene Boulder
6A #3 Boulder
Skjomdalen Middagsklubben
6A Nudler Boulder
6A Mums Boulder
6A Fika Boulder
Tjeldøya Myklebostad Russvika
6A Ett Flyt Boulder
7 AID:A3
Hamarøy Tysfjord og Efjorden Stetind
7 AID:A3 Østveggen Trad 7
Hamarøy Sleppen Hovedveggen
7 Overraskelsen Sport
7 Svingom med berget Sport
7 Jumbojet Sport
7 Vannmysteriet Sport
Hamarøy Tysfjord og Efjorden Kugelhorn
7 Nordvestpassasjen
1 5- 25m
2 5 25m
3 6 25m
4 6- 50m
5 6+ 50m
6 7- 45m
7 6 40m
8 5+ 25m
9 7 45m
10 5 40m

Amazing, sustained, steep climbing. Some bold moves and one serious pitch which gets out the best of you.

  1. Climb the detached flake

  2. Step right then up into the clean RF corner system. Belay at a small stance

  3. Continue up the corner, traversing under the roof and up to a small stance

  4. Steeper jamming leads up to, then over a bulge & trending left in the beautiful corner system to another small stance

  5. More steep jamming up the remaining corner system leads to a semi hanging belay under the roof.

  6. The traverse pitch. Head out left under the roof then up the airy corner for 5m before boldly traversing left 2m to gain the next crack system. An exposed, technical & excellent pitch

  7. Back to hand jams & easier climbing up the next corner system.

  8. A short pitch up the remaining corner system to a deluxe grassy ledge

  9. A tough start on loose rock leads to a wider crack system & gradually easier climbing. Another bold pitch. The Crux.

  10. Continue up the wide corner, before trending left under the roof where a handcrack appears up to the final summit.

FFA: Stian Bruvoll & Philip Curry, Aug 2019

Trad 370m, 10
7 Solskensdiederet
1 6
2 6-
3 7-
4 7
5 4+

FA: krister jonsson & Denny Calvo, 2007

Trad 230m, 5
Narvik Svartdalen Main Area
7 Samejenta Sport
7 Sommernatt Sport
Narvik Svartdalen Skytebanen
7 Øvre Skytebanen Trad
Narvik Haugfjellet Kjerringveggen
7 Adjöss och tack för fisken Sport
7 Regndans Sport
7 Den Lille Sport
Hamarøy Sleppen Steinen
5+ #9 Boulder
5+ Triple peaks Boulder
5+ Høyre triceps Boulder
5+ Sitstart prosjekt BoulderProject
Skjomdalen Middagsklubben
5+ Torturkammeret Boulder
5+ Myrsyra Boulder
5+ Gele Boulder
5+ Bordbønn Boulder
Skjomdalen Ørnflåget og Pessmaura Pessmaura
FR:6c Myror i brallan Sport
Narvik Svartdalen Main Area
FR:6c Fallos Sport
FR:6c Ildflue Sport
Narvik Leirvik
FR:6c Bjerkviking
Hamarøy Sleppen Sector #5
7- 2 Sport
7- 1 Sport
Hamarøy Sleppen Lekeveggen
7- Teleskopfingeren Sport
Hamarøy Sleppen Hovedveggen
7- Luringen Sport
7- Villmann Sport
Hamarøy Tysfjord og Efjorden Sildpollentinden
7- Drømmen leve

FA: Rune Jensen & Andreas Widlund, 2019

Trad 10
Hamarøy Tysfjord og Efjorden Kobbernestind
7- Djungelboken

FA: Andreas Widlund & Alexander Nordvall, 2 Aug

Trad 17
Hamarøy Tysfjord og Efjorden Kugelhorn
7- Torskfiskaren

FA: Tommy Nilsson & Mikael Kivijärvi, 1980

Trad 6
Hamarøy Tysfjord og Efjorden Stetind
7- Olofsson-Remes Trad 9
Skjomdalen Stiberg
7- Inn i granskauen

FA: Steinulv Aarebrot, 1991

Trad 20m
7- Fem Plus

FA: Håkon Wegge, 2019

Trad 15m
Narvik Svartdalen Main Area
7- Barbert fyrverkeri Trad
7- Mini Trad
7- Baris Sport
7- Hjørnet Trad
Narvik Haugfjellet Tverrfjellet
7- Piper at the Gates of Dawn Trad
Narvik Haugfjellet Svaplattan
7- Vintergatan

Mixed route

Narvik Haugfjellet Sol och bad klippan
7- Fablernas värld Sport 15m
Narvik Haugfjellet Kjerringveggen
7- Despoten Sport
7- Pilutta Sport
Hamarøy Tysfjord og Efjorden Rundtind
6+/7- Stay Cool

Route description and topo available from Norsk Tindeklubb-

FA: Ondrej Švilhálek & Jiri Švilhálek, 2010

Trad 450m, 10
Skjomdalen Gangnesaksla
6+/7- Reindeer Spotting

The route is situated in the next big buttress to the north of route ”Påskeeggen” on Gangesaksla ENE face. Follow shore or do the approach by boat.

Very nice long route offering good variety of climbing corners, splitter cracks and slabs. Excellent rock quality, little vegetation and loose rock (except on ledges and ramps) gives an enjoyable and interesting tour with difficulties no more than grade 6 plus a few metres of thin hands crack which probably go free around 6+/7-. Some little run-outs <5m are encountered, but they are pretty straight forward with one exception: pitch 9 being a little bit more complex.

The lower part (p 1-15) of the route consists of dihedrals and cracks with occassional slab cruxes in between. Pitches 7-13 are especially nice. After p 15 there is a super big ledge with snow and water running from the right side.

The upper part is easy going and more open offering a nice promenade with most of the Skjomen fjord as a beutiful backdrop and Frostisen glacier coming into sight as the height is gained. Start by climbing weird structures inside of wide crack/gully which splits the face. Continue climbing this for about 200 metres or 3-4 pitches. In the uppermost part after coming out of the crack/gully system the climbing goes little by little diagonally left to top out almost at the left corner of the whole rock face.

FA: Samuli Pekkanen & Jaana Ylipelto, 21 Aug 2015

Trad 1000m, 20
Skjomdalen Ørnflåget og Pessmaura Pessmaura
FR:6b+ Stråla torks

A mixed route

FR:6b+ Flyvefisk Sport
Narvik Svartdalen Main Area
FR:6b+ Gakk-Gakk

FA: Håkon Wegge & Stian Bruvoll, 2019

Sport 15m
FR:6b+ Tore den sterke klatreen Sport
Narvik Svartdalen Main Area Øvre Svartdalen
FR:6b+ Lärdomen Trad

Showing 1 - 100 out of 332 routes.

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