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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Lofoten Moksnesøya Kirkefjorden Bunesfjorden Bunessanda Tanja´s block
4+ Thug mouse Boulder
Langøya Trollskåla Venstre
FR:6a Mye botanikk Sport
Langøya Trollskåla Hovedveggen
FR:6a Orignalruta Sport
FR:6a Rett i cruxet Sport
FR:6a Sophies ruta Sport
Lofoten Moksnesøya Breiflogtinden
6- Recht Rinne

FA: Svein Smelvær & Bjørn Hanche-Olsen, 1972

Trad 17
Lofoten Moksnesøya Kirkefjorden Bunesfjorden Bunessanda The slab
4+ Left slab Boulder
Lofoten Moksnesøya Kirkefjorden Helvetestinden Main Wall
6- Left Approximation

FA: Ole Klingeman & Eggert Keller, 1997

Trad 18
Lofoten Moksnesøya Kirkefjorden Helvetestinden Far Right
6- Highway to hell
1 4+ 40m
2 5 55m
3 6- 60m
4 4+ 90m

Perhaps the most popular route to the summit

FA: Åsmund Vaage & Steinar Holden, 2016

Trad 250m, 5
Lofoten Moksnesøya Kirkefjorden Marklitinden
6- Sjømann Trad
Lofoten Moksnesøya Reineburger
{FR} 6a Little nose of el Cap

Climb the arete, sustained climbing to the big pocket to the right. Then one more long move to the final holds.

FA: Luca De Giorgi, 5 Sep 2016

Top rope 8m
Lofoten Vestvågøy Smorten Morena
4+ Pullover Boulder
4+ Nameless #2 Boulder
Lofoten Vestvågøy Smorten Low
4+ Fyrglo Boulder
Lofoten Vestvågøy Eggum Hovedveggen
FR:6a Eggulf Sport
FR:6a Baginski spesial Sport
FR:6a Forselv rederi Sport
Lofoten Vestvågøy Uttakleiv Syd Frem og tilbake
4+ Bare en til Boulder
4+ Ramp camp Boulder
Lofoten Austvågøy Lyngvær Lyngvær Boulders La Perla
4C Polquita
Lofoten Austvågøy Rørvika Upper Wall
6- Happy Campers
6- Moody Blue
6- Tom Jones
{FR} 6a Automatic for the People
Sport 45m, 11
Lofoten Austvågøy Rørvika Lower Wall Lower Wall Right
6- Hun hater meg, det liker jeg!

Head up the finger crack on the arete then jam & stem in the dihedral to the summit

FA: Philip Curry & Vegard With Stennes, 2 Oct 2019

Trad 35m
Lofoten Austvågøy Pianokrakken The boulders Donkey Kong Boulder A
4C Svengali
Lofoten Austvågøy Pianokrakken The boulders Commodore Boulder D
4C Sunslab
Lofoten Austvågøy Pianokrakken West Face
6- Dagens rett

FA: Ed Webster & Arild Meyer, 1994

Trad 70m, 3
Lofoten Austvågøy Pianokrakken Svenskeveggen
6- Blåklokka

FA: Odd-Roar Wiik & Neils Poulsen, 1989

Trad 14m
Lofoten Austvågøy Djupfjord Coley Smoke
6- There is to Do
Trad 50m
Lofoten Austvågøy Djupfjord Bare blåbær
6- Filling in the Blanks

FA: Jonas Dahlstrup & Simon Svendsen, 2009

Trad 3
Lofoten Austvågøy Djupfjord Pillaren (Point 713m)
6- Celebrian
1 6-
2 5+
3 5-
4 4
5 4
6 3
7 5
8 4
9 5+
10 5+
11 5+

Gear beta: Standard Lofoten rack plus a #4

  1. 60m, A short wide crack starts things off (crux) from here it’s easy slabs to a belay on grassy ledge

  2. 50m, Trend right then up a thin finger crack. Continue up & over small bulge to a small stance

  3. 30m, Layback up & left to a good ledge

  4. 40m, Follow the crack system up then slightly right

  5. 40m, More of the same

  6. 45m, More easy climbing. Trend right when the large slab becomes visible.

  7. 60m, Climb the left of the 2 cracks on the arête with tricky moves initially over the bulge into easier climbing in the RF corner. From here there’s a short wide section before the easy climbing returns.

  8. 50m Continue up to the big grassy ledge below the final summit block

  9. 55m, Excellent pitch in a RF corner

  10. 40m, Climb the hand crack then trend right to a decent stance.

  11. 60m, Straight forward climbing leads to just below the summit. It’s another 10m up the ramp then right to the summit slab from here (N3)

FA: Odd-Roar Wilk & Niels Poulsen, 1990

Trad 530m, 11
Lofoten Austvågøy Presten Corridor boulders Seal Deal
4+ Tiptoe Boulder
Lofoten Austvågøy Presten Presten boulders Boulder C
4+ Torskeryggen Boulder
Lofoten Austvågøy Presten Presten boulders Boulder G
4+ Første sva Boulder
4C Mikroveggen Boulder
Lofoten Austvågøy Presten Presten boulders Boulder J
4+ Kjerktrappen Boulder
4+ Hjörnerisset Boulder
4+ Lette Risset Boulder
Lofoten Austvågøy Presten Presten boulders Boulder L
4+ Masse tak Boulder
4+ Navnløs skorstein Boulder
Lofoten Austvågøy Presten Presten boulders Boulder N
4+ Little wall Boulder
Lofoten Austvågøy Presten Presten boulders Boulder O
4+ Lillegut Boulder
Lofoten Austvågøy Presten Lille Presten
6- AID:A1 Muldvarpen

FA: Odd-Roar Wiik & Arild Meyer, 1995

Trad 100m, 2
6- Tarzan

FA: Odd-Roar Wiik & Johan Sandberg, 1995

Trad 100m, 2
Lofoten Austvågøy Presten Presten
6- AID:A0 Biskopen Trad
6- Vestpillaren Variation Start Trad 50m
Lofoten Austvågøy Gandalf Gandalf boulders Boulder A
4+ Nameless problem #10 Boulder
4+ Nameless problem #11 Boulder
4+ Nameless problem #12 Boulder
4+ Nameless problem #13 Boulder
Lofoten Austvågøy Gandalf Gandalf Main
6- Guns n' Roses
Trad 90m, 3
Lofoten Austvågøy Gandalf Gandalf Upper
6- Blondie Trad 15m
Lofoten Austvågøy Gandalf The Hobbit
6- The Hobbit Trad
6- Paddys Trad
Lofoten Austvågøy Festvåg Lille Festvåg
6- Gaukerisset
1 3+ 20m
2 6- 45m

FA: Odd-Roar Wilk & Thorbjørn Enevold, 1993

Trad 65m, 2
Lofoten Austvågøy Festvåg Store Festvåg
6- Kristaver Trad
6- Marja Myran Trad
6- Byger

FA: Odd-Roar Wiik & Ketil Lunde, 1995

6- Four pitch route
1 5 15m
2 6- 20m
3 5 25m
4 5+ 20m

The most popular route up the cliff. Has some nice climbing

FA: Thorbjørn Enevold & Trond Solberg

Trad 80m, 4
6- Skiløperen

FA: Arild Meyer & Thorbjørn Enevold, 1992

Trad 40m
6- The Joker

FA: Nick Bassnett & Roger Brown, 2005

Lofoten Austvågøy Nipen Senior veggen
6- Farfar Trad
Lofoten Austvågøy Nipen Junior veggen
FR:6a Balansere Sport
FR:5c Verktogskrekk Sport
FR:6a Duffen Sport
Lofoten Austvågøy The Coast The boulders Geitvikneset Boulder C
4C Venstrerisset Boulder
4C Centralrisset Boulder
4C Extremehøyre Boulder
Lofoten Austvågøy The Coast Geitvika
6- Aprilsnarr Trad 120m, 3
Lofoten Austvågøy The Coast Time is a disaster
6- Dragster 3000
1 4
2 6-

This tackles the left leaning crack system which begins on the wall to the right of the arete

  1. Climb the grassy ramp to a ledge. 15m

  2. Follow the crack system up & left to small ledge. 30m

FA: Alan Goldbetter & Arno Viitaniemi, 2017

Trad 45m, 2
Lofoten Austvågøy The Coast Migan pillaren
6- AID:A1 Asturia Route
1 6- 45m
2 5 45m
3 6- 40m
4 5- A1 55m
5 5 A1 30m
6 5+

FA: Augel Castro & Miguel Angel Adrados, 2008

Trad 220m, 6
Lofoten Austvågøy Paradiset The boulders Billetten
{FB} 4C Strandslabben Boulder
Lofoten Austvågøy Paradiset Dammen
6- Tynn Trad
6- Biff Tartar Trad
Lofoten Austvågøy Paradiset Dosethrisset
6- Jesus Trad
6- Gelbe kante Trad
Lofoten Austvågøy Paradiset Svenske diedret
6- Kakadu Trad
Lofoten Austvågøy Paradiset Demonstranten
6- Master Class Trad
Lofoten Austvågøy Kallebukta The boulders Storøya
4+ Dekkerman direkte Boulder
4+ Dekkerman venstre vei Boulder
Lofoten Austvågøy Kallebukta Apa
6- Apa

Breaks right from Gorilla into a OW finish. Big cam nice to have (#4)

Trad 15m
6- Chimp

Short, mossy & with a bonus loose flake

Lofoten Austvågøy Trolldalen The boulders Waldorf & Statler
4+ Waldorf
Lofoten Austvågøy Trolldalen Trollfestningen
6- Fingerrisset

FA: helge stokstad & Rune Thrap-Meyer, 1982

Trad 50m
6- Colibrien
1 4
2 5-
3 6-
4 6-
5 3+

FA: Finn Jensen & Niels Poulsen, 1979

Trad 180m, 5
6- Spurven/Colibrien
Lofoten Austvågøy Trolldalen Glåmtinden
6- Herman Hedning
Lofoten Austvågøy Sandvika Main Wall
6- Ridderne av det runde bord Trad
FR:5c Crusaders of the Metal Blade Sport
FR:6a Bestillingsoppdraget Sport
Lofoten Austvågøy Urdstabben Sydveggen
6- Urmakeren
Lofoten Austvågøy Finnvika Finnvika Boulders Finnvika West
4+ Kråksång Boulder
Lofoten Austvågøy Finnvika Finnvika Boulders Tjeldbergvika East
4+ Tuborg Lite Boulder
4+ Mac Boulder
Lofoten Austvågøy Finnvika
FR:6a Not Known Sport 10m
FR:6a Oves kvalbiff Sport 10m
FR:5c Fjell og vidde klatring Sport 15m
Lofoten Austvågøy Svolvær Råna
6- Råna
1 4+ 23m
2 3+ 20m
3 5- 35m
4 5- 40m
5 5- 45m
6 5 40m
7 6- 25m
8 4+ 45m
Trad 270m
Ofoten Narvik Kleivhøgda
6- Fjellfølelse Trad

Showing 1 - 100 out of 165 routes.

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