Ascents in Oceania by Sydney Brand having Sport CPR

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Rating Grade Route Gear style Crag Quality Date
1618 points
17 The Enticer

First 17 to top. Pretty good climb, maybe a bit of a soft 17. Would like to clean it next time! Thanks for the belay Jack.

- with Jack Seawright
Sport 14m, 5 Brooyar Good Tue 28th Sep 2021
1397 points
13 Flat Battery

went for a lead now it’s on my feed cheers for the belay on this humid day Jarred Vardy

- with Jarred Vardy
Sport 14m, 2 Mt Ngungun Good Sun 7th Nov 2021
1331 points
17 17 R Wrath of Grapes


- with Belle
Mixed trad 20m, 2 Kangaroo Point Tue 9th Nov 2021
1330 points
17 Charger

a mighty fine climb ‘twas a good time

Sport 10m, 3 Mt Ngungun Sun 7th Nov 2021
1165 points
16 Anonymous DS

Keen and cleaned 😎 Thanks for the belay in no sun rays Will West

- with Will West
Sport 18m, 6 Kangaroo Point Good Sun 31st Oct 2021
1163 points
16 Halva

Yeet, we didz it. Was not as smooth of an ascent as I’d like but made it!

- with Georgia Forster
Sport 20m, 5 Kangaroo Point Tue 26th Oct 2021
955 points
13 One Legged Dog

Cloudy day, absolutely beautiful weather to be climbing in. A pretty chill climb, quite enjoyed it.

Sport 18m, 7 Brooyar Good Wed 29th Sep 2021
832 points
12 Date Anatomy

struggle street but made it with my feet cheers for the belay Will!

- with Will West
Sport 16m, 4 Kangaroo Point Average Tue 9th Nov 2021
811 points
12 Date Anatomy

Got a bit stuck towards the middle because went wrong way. Need to trust my feet more. Used some good hand holds. Took a while but good climb!

Sport 16m, 4 Kangaroo Point Good Tue 31st Aug 2021
435 points
13 One Legged Dog

Second time climbing this one but lead it this time. Only my second time leading and quite enjoyed it! Did hang around a bit though. Cheers for the belay Tash

- with Natasha
Sport 18m, 7 Brooyar Good Thu 30th Sep 2021

Showing all 10 ascents.

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