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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Federated States of Micronesia Pohnpei
5.10 Infinity Minus One Possibilities

Infinity Minus One Possibilities is a top-roped climb located on the northeast face of the first spire-like rock (dubbed Ray of Light) south of Paipalap on the island of Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia. The basalt plug is about 165 feet from base to tip. To reach it, hike along the ridge from Paipalap to the base of the rock. The rear can be climbed with care (5.8 mixed rock, trees, roots, and turf) to reach the bolt locations. This is the most dangerous part of the climb. Almost a free-solo--there is virtually nothing to protect you from a fall, except a tree about halfway up. NEVER attempt to set a rope on this rock when conditions are even slightly wet (which is frequently). TR bolts and chains are located at the eastern lip of the spire. The top-rope should be set with two 60m ropes. This climb was bolted in July 2005 by Daniel Moor. The route is still in the exploration phase, following various cracks from the base of the spire. Climbing on basalt in Micronesia is more varied than other locations, with all sorts of finger pockets, face holds, very shallow cracks, and strangely-shaped crevices. This climb has it all, but rock surfaces are often covered with lichen and moss, making them unusually slick. The route has been climbed to the prominent roof about 90 feet from the bottom.

FA: Daniel Moor, Jonathan Ponder & Michael Benjamin

SportProject 55m, 2, 2

Showing all 1 route.

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