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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Melanesia Fiji New crag Sawa-i-lau Caves
V1 Unrelenting Village Dancing

Swim into main area, look left for some large lobes leading to ledge. From the ledge move left with a right arm crossover bicep-y move with high feet then reach far left to a break in the rock and mount the top. Pleasant jump from the top!

FA: Michael 'Monty' Burns, 9 Jan 2017

Deep water solo 5m
V1 Spitty Bum Sunrise

Start directly across from the entry in the chimney. ~4m up right hand on small flat ledge on left side of chimney and then right high foot and swing out on to face.

Possibility of a dyno to a natural 'brick' stuck in the rock but my tour group had to leave before I could try.

Named after a tourist's biological alarm clock...

FA: Michael 'Monty' Burns, 9 Jan 2017

Deep water solo 6m

Showing all 2 routes.

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