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Grade Route Gear style Quality Climber
Wed 7th Nov 2018 - Eua
Fangatave Beach Anokula Wall
18 Kina - with Violetta Znorkowski Sport 28m, 8 Good
Stu Goo
Sat 6th Oct 2018 - Eua
Fangatave Beach Anokula Wall
18 Kina (Dirty Dagger)

straightforward climbing up the right side of the feature with some possibly reachy moves among the first few bolts. The face climbing mid-way up was thoughtful and leads into the black groove at the top which is dirty but reasonable. Nice ledge for bringing up the second, but bolted well for toproping with a 60m.

- with greg jack
Sport 28m, 8 Good
Joshua Merriam

Showing all 2 ascents.

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