The most imposing and overhung wall in the area. Stays dry in the rain, a local favourite place for rainy days. However, it gets in the sun by midday.

Access issues inherited from Wawa - Montalban

Aling Normas is a food stall where every visiting climber eats. Register here, ask for the logbook and write down your name and destination and messages for friends who will be late to arrive. Settle the PhP 300 fee per group of 10 or less. Additional PhP 20 per head applies for the succeeding number of climbers. This goes to the local government for maintenance and security of the area. P20 for parking if you have a private vehicle but remeber the attendants name that you paid so you dont pay twice. Once you cross the bridge make a donation to the locals on the trail head in the village, PhP 15-20. (This donation comes and goes and isn't official)


A 10 minute uphill scramble from El Kanto. Be careful of the banana trees and other crops planted by the locals as they get irritable when crops gets damaged or trampled on. Stay on the most obvious track and try not to give them reason to limit access.

Ethic inherited from Wawa - Montalban

Trad, sport climbing and bouldering.


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Grade Route

Shares 3 bolts with the next 2 routes, traverse L at 3rd bolt to gain feature.

Ends at the same anchors of Destruction.

Climb Destruction to its 10th bolt before stepping R and powering up 'till the route meets with Slayer. Climb through the steep traverse going L towards the obvious stalactite. Keep going L past the stalactite to finish onto the grey prow. There's a small move R then up L to the anchors. The slightly easier variation to the route is to start on Slayer instead of Destruction.

Set: Dennis Diaz & Jordi Esquis

FA: Miel Pahati, 10 Jan 2016

Follow Warhammer but do not step L of the stalactite. Go up and R from the stalactite where Warhammer breaks off to gain a huge slopey ledge then go straight up to finish.

Set: Dennis Diaz & Jordi Esquis

FA: Dennis Diaz, 21 Jan 2017

This consistently overhanging jug-fest does not go without a pump. It's right smack in the middle of the wall and is not to be missed. If its reputation as the super-mega-classic of the area isn't enough to get you to climb it nothing will. Also its the best warm-up route in the area.

FA: Ilanan & Imao, 1996

This extension to Slayer continues past the stalactite above it for another 3 bolts. Don't be put off by the seemingly short addition. The tricky transition from Slayer to Dragon Slayer can be interesting. Be careful when lowering make sure you have atleast 50m of rope.

Climb the first 4 bolts of Slayer then move R. Interesting and challenging.

Technical and thin. Has an alternate 2 bolt L hand finish to 2 rings that is rarely done.

FA: Guerrero, Simon Sandoval & Gax Ilanan

Starts about 4m R of DP. Follow the slopers and slimpers up the wall. Can be finger numbing. Be prepared for some major crimping. (Key hold broke off, upping the grade to a possible 8b?)

Set: Miel Pahati

FA: Miel Pahati

Start on the ledge L of the cave on the far R. Follow the line that traverses R and up to the top.

Start in the opening to the R of Slayer Wall . Follow the bolts along the ceiling to the chain.

FA: Mackie Mackinano & Simon Sandoval, 2000

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