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Access issues inherited from Spękane Skały

State forest area.


Entering Spękane Skały area for the purpose of climbing is permitted without limitations. Keep in mind that climbing this spot you accept the following regulations:

  1. A person who practices rock climbing takes full and sole responsibility for their safety, especially their health and life.

  2. The climber undertakes to use efficient and compliant with the required standards belaying equipment.

  3. A person who practices climbing undertakes to behave culturally in accordance with generally accepted social norms - do not make noise, do not litter, do not leave waste.

  4. When you are near rock walls, you should take into account the possibility of falling stones and therefore you must use protective helmets.

  5. Do not use magnesia. The person using magnesia is absolutely obliged to clean any traces of use on the surface of the rock.

  6. Those who break above mentioned regulations may be summoned by the owner or persons authorized by him to immediately leave the area.

Ethic inherited from Spękane Skały

Reduce magnesium chalk, clean the rock if using it.


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