Pico da Encumeada

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[P] Uma linha fácil com poucos equipamentos. No meio, faça uma travessia para a esquerda. Tenha cuidado com as pedras soltas. Sem âncoras ou rapel instalados, suba e vá até encontrar a pista.

An easy line with not that many gear. At the midle, make a traverse to the left. Be carefull of lose rocks. No anchores or rappel instaled, top of and go until you find the track.

FA: Paulo Abreu, 31 Dec 2019

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Author(s): Carlos Simes

Date: 2017

ISBN: 9788898609772

A selective guidebook describing the best rock climbing found in Portugal, covering the whole of the country from Meadinha in the north, and many crags around Lisbon to Sagres in the south.

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