Fenda do Lorde

  • Grade context: FR
  • Aka: Lord's Cleft


[P] Uma enorme cunha de basalto sólido no meio do choss.

One huge solid basalt wedge in the middle of choss.



(32.742034, -16.713099)

(32.742097, -16.713128)

[P] A vila é habitada (sensação de cidade fantasma), mas vigiada e a marina está funcionando. Você pode estacionar depois da vila e caminhar de volta ao porto.

The village is inhabited (ghost town feeling), but guarded and the marina is at work. You can park after the village and walk back to the harbour.

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Author(s): Carlos Simes

Date: 2017

ISBN: 9788898609772

A selective guidebook describing the best rock climbing found in Portugal, covering the whole of the country from Meadinha in the north, and many crags around Lisbon to Sagres in the south.

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