Seixal Pool Bouldering

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[P] A piscina de água salgada situa-se directamente sobre o mar no Seixal. Se estiver vazio lá (por exemplo, no inverno), você pode fazer um fantástico boulder em águas profundas lá.

The sea water swimming pool is located directly on the sea in Seixal. If it is empty there (for example in winter), you can do fantastic deep water solo bouldering there.


(32.827616, -17.110920)

[P] Estacione no Seixal ou desça a íngreme beton road até ao estacionamento mais próximo (32.826944, -17.111233) e desça até à piscina natural.

Park in Seixal or drive down the steep beton road to the closest parking (32.826944, -17.111233) and walk down to the natural pool.


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Author(s): Carlos Simes

Date: 2017

ISBN: 9788898609772

A selective guidebook describing the best rock climbing found in Portugal, covering the whole of the country from Meadinha in the north, and many crags around Lisbon to Sagres in the south.

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