Lizard Crag

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[P] Listado aqui sem mais informações. Bela praia solitária com uma crista de dragão como rocha para bouldering.

Listed here without more information. Beautiful lonely beach with a dragon ridge like rock for bouldering.


(32.651351, -16.822540)

(32.649620, -16.822541)

[P] Estacione nas coordenadas, a descida para a praia começa na estradinha a leste (32.651501, -16.821936). No mapa aqui (32.649114, -16.824139) há outro caminho descendo (não marcado).

Park at the coordinates, the path down to the beach starts at the little road to the east (32.651501, -16.821936). On the map here (32.649114, -16.824139) is another path going down (not checked).

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Author(s): Carlos Simes

Date: 2017

ISBN: 9788898609772

A selective guidebook describing the best rock climbing found in Portugal, covering the whole of the country from Meadinha in the north, and many crags around Lisbon to Sagres in the south.

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