Ethic inherited from Bicaz Gorge

Dry tooling is allowed only in Cheile Bicăjelului area.



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FA: Dumitru Chivu & László Karácsonyi, 1962

FA: Matei Schenn & Dumitru Chivu, 1965

FA: Mircea Opriş, Ion Coleşiu & Nicolae Jitaru, 1965

FA: Miklós Nagy & Gheorghe Vrăjitoru, 1966

FA: Avel Ritişan, Miklós Nagy & Imre Betegh, 1964

FA: Károly Kajtsa & Illyés József, 1978

FA: Matei Krutsch & Gelu Crâşnic

FA: Dénes Tőke & Ştefan Ţurcaş, 1978

FA: Iacob Novac, Szabolcs Harghitay, Emil Luzan & Mihaly Kállay, 1984

FA: Dumitru Gavrilă, Nicolae Olteanu & Grigore Galatzi, 1986

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