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The top side of the valley on the East is also marked by numerous faces and also some boulders. Lots of potential for more routes exists here.

Access issues inherited from Leliehoek

The climbs lie in the Little Rock resort (formerly known as Leliehoek) which is picturesquely set in a small wooded valley 3 minutes drive from the Ladybrand town centre. The park has the usual camping and chalet facilities as well as a small bar and a sizeable and most welcome outdoor swimming pool. Ladybrand is well catered for with many shops, banks, garages and places to eat. There are plenty of other things to do in the area. The town boasts an 18 hole golf course, hiking and biking trails as well as being the gateway to the Lesotho Highlands. To book, contact the Little Rock reception at: 051–924 0260.


This area can be approached from various sides, depending on where exactly you want to be. Probably the easiest way to get to the Big Jesus Wall and the Dassie cave is to walk up the path from the boom, going past the Red Dragon boulder and then the Commander 9.5 boulder. That path eventually runs dead into the path traversing the face—turn right to go to Big Jesus, and left to go to the Dassie cave, and past that to the Catacombs and then the Rock of Astray, Horse Head, and Full Moon boulders. Alternatively, these last areas can be reached quicker by taking the path between the second last and last bungalows (go just past the left of the last bungalow, past the washing line). This path eventually leads past the north side of the mountain, to the Full Moon boulder (the path going up the mountain--e.g., if you wanted to go to the Corner Office) branches off to the right). Earlier than that, though, the path that traverses along the bottom of the face also branches off quite clearly to the right. This will take you to a point where a path again branches off to the right to the Rock of Astray boulder (which can be seen from the main path), or, continuing on from there, past the catacombs, the Dassie cave, etc.


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