Narrow Kloof

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Narrow kloof has 2 extremely narrow sections separated by an open bowl. The climbing is in the higher section with the exception of 1 or 2 lines just below the bowl. There was no running stream and no drinking water (2018-11).

Access issues inherited from Narrow Kloof & Wigwam

Go to Wigwam Hotel. Sign in and tell the guard you are there to climb they will let you park in front of the gate. This is a private resort and the owner has kindly granted permission. The previous hotel / club house has closed down and we weren't ask to pay for the 25R day pass anymore (2018-11-25). Please behave when in the property, horseplay and noise will be really bad for the way the owners view the climbers. Be polite, it all helps to secure long term access.


To Narrow kloof go more right toward the prior restaurant. There is a sign marking the start of a "Mountain walk". Follow this sign and follow the track (looks like it has been made by a quad bike or similar) up the hill to where the path splits, creating an island with a tree on it and taking a right into the narrow looking kloof above. There are kerns on the path. To enter Narrow Kloof (climbing side) one must walk over the top of the first section of kloof and enter the second section where the gulley is formed from above.

Descent notes

To exit, you can go through the lower section in 2 abseils, a short one to start from trees over the first 2 boulders drops, and a spectacular 25m long one thereafter. The second one is equipped with rap bolts. Prior to that a chokestone on the lip is solid even if scary to get into, but probably very difficult to use if any water is running. The lower exit goes through a few wading pools. Some bits of static lines have been placed some time ago, use your own judgement.

Ethic inherited from Narrow Kloof & Wigwam

No fire allowed as per “No Fires in Magaliesberg Policy”. There is currently a moratorium on bolting in Magaliesberg.

Please ensure that whatever you carry into the kloof, you carry out. The kloofs are narrow and access is fairly limited, make sure you go to the bathroom before entering. Please DO NOT urinate or deficate in the kloof as the water is currently pure enough to drink, lets keep it that way. If you have to go make sure you exit the kloof before you get down to business. Please bury your deposits to avoid nasty surprises. If you see litter (and there often is in the kloof, due to baboons raiding the hotel bins) make an effort to pick it up on your way out and put it in a dustbin.



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Grade Route

Routes from the LEFT of the crag towards the RIGHT.

Please mind the gap on top.

FA: Eric Riemann

Start as MTG then break right at 3rd or 4th bolt.

FA: Greg Borman

Routes from the LEFT of the crag towards the RIGHT (from the entrance to the cave at the back).

After cleaning, rope falls in pond.

Set: Ebert Nel, 2013

Set: Brian Weaver, 2014

After the big move on DD, the project forks out left.

Set: Andrew Pedley

Set: Andrew Pedley

FA: Andrew Pedley, 2014

Set: Alex Bester

FA: Ebert Nel

Set: Ebert Nel

FA: Alex Bester, 2012

Set: Alex Bester

FA: Ebert Nel, 2012

Just to the right of call of duty. "This line should never have been bolted" Ebert

Set: Andrew Pedley

FA: Brian Weaver, 2013

Involves a large dynamic one move wonder crux. Falco will buy a case of beer for the 1st person to repeat the line.

Set: Alex Bester & Ebert Nel

FA: Falco Filotto, 2014

Was left abandoned because it shared a crux hold with Resident Evil. After the contravercial bolting of Minesweeper, the route was tried again and sent. The route shares one hold but is used conpletely differently than Resident Evil.

Set: Ebert Nel, 2013

FA: Ebert Nel, 2014

The last line in the kloof on the overhanging side.

Set: Alex Bester

FA: Ebert Nel, 2013

Routes from the LEFT of the crag towards the RIGHT (from the cave to the entrance).

Set: Samantha Dry

FA: Alex Bester, 2012

FA: Marc Efume, 2012

Falco's first route bolted ever

Set: Falco Filotto

FA: Falco Filotto, 2015

Route named after Falco's social dilemma on the day...

Set: Ebert Nel

FA: Ebert Nel, 2015

FA: Hector Pringle & Joffrey Hyman

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