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Stunning, high quality sport climbing with a wide variety of moderate to elite grade routes from 15 to 35m.


To get there walk back out of the de Hoek entrance along the road for about 100m. A path leads right and up the mountain, it is sometimes marked by a small cairn. Follow this path up and then parallel to the road until you get to the main overhaging wall.


History timeline chart

This crag was initially developed by Sean Maasch and Jono Fisher in the 1990s. It was revived again in 1996 by Arno Naude, Gunther Migeotte, Shannon Law & Jeremy Colenso.



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Grade Route

FA: 1997

Set: Jeremy Colenso & Shannon Law., 1997

FA: Grant Campbell, 2006

FA: C. Martinengo & Linda the Viking, Aug 2011

FA: T. Caldwell, 1998

Composite route.

FA: C. Martinengo, 2007

Composite route.

FA: D. Steyn, 2009

FA: Jason Temple Forbes, 2006

Start on Bigfoot, finish on Paws.

FA: J. Temple-Forbes, 2006

Set: A. Naude

FA: Jeremy Colenso & S. Law, 1996

The extension to Paws.

FA: G. Campbell, 2005

FA: J. Kudtaty, 2004

FA: J. Colenso & S. Law, 1996

Extension to Sid Vicious.

FA: T. Zwolak, 2004

FA: J. Temple-Forbes, 2006

The extension to the wimp finish.

FA: J. Temple-Forbes, 2007

FA: Andy Davies, 2009

FA: Roger Nattrass

FA: Tommy Caldwell, 1998

Set: Gunther Migeotte & A. Naude

FA: Jeremy Colenso, 1996

start up Goonie Goo Goo then branch off left.

FA: Jason Temple Forbes, 2006

FA: S. Maasch, 2011

FA: S. Maasch, 2012

Set: Roger Nattrass & Ian Manson

FA: D. van der Riet

FA: S. Miller, 2006


FA: Paul Schlotveldt, 1997

FA: J. Temple-Forbes, 2011

FA: Scott Miller, 2006

First half of Hard Play

FA: Jason Temple-Forbes, 2006

FA: J. Temple-Forbes, 2011

FA: Jeremy Colenso, 1997

FA: Jeremy Colenso & S. Law, 1997

Climb El Nino and then continue to finish on Hard Play.

FA: P. Olivier, Mar 2014


Set: Sean Maasch & Jono Fisher, 1993

FA: Tommy Caldwell, 1998

Set: Jeremy Colenso & Shannon Law, 1998

Up to the level of Rapscallion La Codge, use its chains to lower off. This route is manufactured.

FA: Jeremy Colenso, 1998

FA: Mike Roberts

Set: Keith James, 1997

Start on Rapscallion La Codge, finish on Bitter and Twisted.

Set: Jeremy Colenso & Shannon Law

FA: Jeremy Colenso

FA: J. Marshall & D. Marshall, 2011

Set: Scott Miller

FA: Jason Temple Forbes, 2006


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