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Routes from L to R Park at the first parking lot. Walk straight up the hill to the ridge and then take a path to the left and follow the cairns to the path down and abseil point. The path down to the crag goes on the right (when the crag below you). You can also abseil into this crag, The abseil anchors are safely set back about from the edge (a doubled rope will get you to the bottom)


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FA: M. Sim, 2002

Set by G. Hart

FA: J. Temple-Forbes, 2006

FA: G. Peckham & B. Lambourne, 2008

FA: M. de Villiers & D. Basich, 2002

FA: B. Harvey, 2002

FA: M. de Villiers & D. Basich, 2002

FA: S. Larsen, 1999

FA: S. Larsen, 1993

FA: S. Larsen, 1996

FA: S. Larsen, 1997

FA: 2000

FA: S. Larsen, 1994

FA: E. van Heerden, 2002

FA: M. de Villiers & D. Basich, 2002

FA: R. de Dekker & Roy White, 2004

Ryan was attempting the 2nd assent when a baby boomslang popped out its head. We reassured him that he was fine and he carried on climbing. Less than 5 minutes later the snake fell off the ledge and into the nearby shrubs, hence the name. We have had the pleasure of sighing quite a few Boomslang snakes at Lower Silvermine over the past 2 decades.

FA: Cormac Tooze, 24 Mar 2019

Set by Cormac Tooze, 24 Mar 2019

FA: M. Gowans, 2005

FA: M. de Villiers & D. Basich, 2002

FA: R. Behne, S. Larsen & A. Kotze, 2006

FA: Cormac Tooze

FA: R. de Dekker & Roy White, 2004

FA: B. Watts, 2018

20m before "The Pumphouse"

Set by C. Tooze & H. Krugmann

FA: H. Krugmann, 16 Sep 2018


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