Clifton Upper Level

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Grade Route

Start a bit left of the Rainbow Crag recess. Climb up a short layback crack, then continue straight up a vague recess and a short crank onto the face above. Up easy ground to the top.

FA: R. Halsey & R. Straite, Aug 2019

Start a bit left of the Spookies. Climb up a short face,and then the tricky arete to the right of the corner. A strenous pull through the roof leads to easier climbing to the top.

FA: R. Halsey & R. Strate, Aug 2019

A direct line to the left of Greyscaling.

Start ~2m right of a low roof and follow a thin crack to a ledge. Pull onto the next undercut face and up to a ledge with a large block in the middle. Head up to the right of a vegetated recess and then straight to the top.

FA: R. Halsey & F. Walters, Oct 2018

Start ~5m left of Stuffed Lion, just left of a corner crack. Climb straight up the white face to a ledge. Continue straight over blocky terrain to the base of a steep, brown layback crack. After a few meters, when the crack peters out, continue straight up, and easily to the top. The lower sections of this route have surely been done before.

FA: R. Halsey & W. Gans, 17 Dec 2012

Start up Greyscaling. At the ledge take the crack to the right of Greyscaling, then follow a curved crack. When this peters out climb straight up to the top.

FA: R. Halsey & M. Penso, Jan 2015

Start on the obvious open book between Greyscaling and Stuffed Lion, which leads to a big ledge/stance. Take the crack up the clean brown wall to an overhang, pull through this and up a white face to the top.

FA: S. Cunnane & W. Gans, May 2015

Start ~4m right of Stuffed Lion directly below the centre of a roof ~10m up. Climb the short face to a ledge, step 1m left and up to a rail below the roof. (There is a loose block to the right, treat with respect). Pull through the roof using large, solid flakes over the lip to the next rail. Move up and right using an undercling and a jug to the base of a wide crack. Continue up and left to a ledge, and then over a bulge (large pocket on the left). Tend slightly right to the vague arete for a few moves, then step left and straight up to the top.

FA: R. Halsey & S. Jack, 31 Dec 2012

1 20 20m
2 15 15m

Start ~6m right of Stuffed Lion, just left of a bush in vague corner. P1, 20m (20). Climb up, step right over the bush and up to a ledge. Step left to a recess, then up to a white, hanging pillar. Move carefully across the pillar to the right, then up to a small roof below a short, brown face. Some tricky reaches bring you to the next roof. Pull through this on good holds, then tend left to a good ledge. Stance below a corner. This will be a grade or two harder if you are short. P2, 15m (15). Climb the crack system in the corner, near the top head left to a wide ledge.

FA: R. Halsey & W. Gans, 17 Dec 2012

1 22 25m
2 18 13m

FA: D. Davies & A. Lainis, 1978

1 16 10m
2 19 25m

FA: B. Russel & G. Du Toit, 2004

Single pitch, 35m, bang in the middle between Cosmonaut & Aquanaut's pitches right of the Gendarme. Start 1,5m left of Aquanaut and hold the line to the ledge. From the ledge pull into the layback crack below the triangular roof 3-4m up; climb through the middle of the roof on good jugs; step left and go straight up the open book to the next roof; step out left from under the roof and go straight up, staying to the right of Cosmonaut. Hold your line up to the abseil anchors. The name came up after a debate on which knot to abseil off.

FA: B. Smith, W. Boshoff & C. Phillips, 5 Feb 2013

Single pitch variation right of the Gendarme. Climb Astronaut P1 to the ledge but rather than heading left up the corner crack, blast straight up the steep face above with a powerful crux dead point. At the bush on the next little ledge step ~1m left and then straight up to the bolted abseil anchor.

FA: R. Halsey & J. Hajos, 2011

Start about 2.5m right of Dreadnaught. A tricky first move up the centre of the short square face leads to a small ledge. Continue up the next short section to a darker grey face. Climb just left of the middle of this to a small overlap. Pull through and straight to a wide ledge. Move about 2m right and head up the left side of a whitish face. Continue up a vertical crack and a last short section to reach the big ledge.

FA: R. Halsey & T. Lliev, Jan 2018

Start about 3m right of Relic News. Climb the corner and then step left. Pull up onto the next shelf and step back right to a crack in the darker grey rock. Follow this crack and move right to gain the next vague corner. Climb up a few meters the traverse across the face and up to the next ledge. Place gear high in the Wild Things Run Free narrow corner but climb the arete to the left. Continue straight up to the big ledge.

A Cape Argus Newspaper from 25 March 1933 was found shoved in the crack at the start of this route, still readable.

FA: R. Halsey & T. Lliev, Jan 2018

Don't go up the V- Notch, keep right up the open book. Traverse left under the roof. Opened it cause I can't read an RD. Harder if you are short.

FA: Cormac Tooze & M. Lamprecht, 11 Mar 2021

Start about 3m right of the Headline '33 corner. Follow the break above the boulder to a right tending series of layback flakes. At the ledge, move 2m right and climb the right side of the short faces above (do not climb the lichenous corner to the left as there is a large, loose block in the crack). Head up to the left of a large clump of grass, and then step over the grass and up a tricky recess. At the top move slightly left and then straight to the big ledge.

A direct version (20/21) starts up the next break right from the start of Newsflash. It is a better, straighter line, but if you can't reach the square two finger pocket from the ground it will be much harder

FA: R. Halsey & T. Lliev, Jan 2018

The direct version (20/21) starts up the next break right from the start of Newsflash. A better, straighter line, but if you can't reach the square two finger pocket from the ground it will be much harder.

FA: R. Halsey & T. Lliev, Feb 2018

A direct line, that is both better and easier than it looks. Essentially climbs ~2.5m parallel to Beware the Dark Horse P2 all the way. Start about 2m left of Beware the Dark Horse. Pull up to a short white face and over this to a ledge. (Sunset Crag crosses this little ledge and heads of left). Head straight up a thin seam in grey rock, past some good rails, then straight up a white face (between the lichen). Continue straight up to the bulge in the grey section above. Pull thought this (crux) and then finish up great holds to the top.

FA: R. Halsey & G. Bird, 2016

Single pitch 35m. Plumb line between the second pitch of Beware the Dark Horse & Blueberry Hill.

Start between Beware the Dark Horse and Blueberry Hill; going up a triangular undercling on the first overlap 3m up. From the ledge, gain the blank looking face directly above and stay left of the crumbly flakes, going onto good jugs – you run it out a bit at this point (there are some micro nut placements if you have time to fiddle with gear) - the hard pull onto the face is right above good gear though, and the jugs higher up are bomber. Hold the line straight through the undercut crack system (crux) that is capped by a small triangular roof; and then onto the belay ledge – there is a threaded abseil point from which to belay. Good idea to double up on medium sized cams.

FA: N. Abrahams & Scurvy, Feb 2015

Single pitch just right of Blueberry Hill. Start up a short face directly below a steep crack, which leads to a prominent sharp arete. Pull up onto the arete and climb directly to a ledge.

FA: R. Halsey, 2011

Single pitch just right of Simba Serendipity P2 (which follows the line to the left of the roof). Climb straight up to the middle on the long thin overhang (can stand on a ledge to the right). Pull through roof to thin rail (aliens useful) and up excellent crack. Climb the central of three columns stemming left at one stage to reach a rail.

FA: R. Halsey, 2010

Start 5m left of Juggernaut P2. Straight up to small ledge. Move right into short, bottomless corner (tricky) and then straight up face and steep prow to ledge. Small cam useful for the crux.

FA: R. Halsey, 2011

Start 3m left of Juggernaut P2. Use a short, undercut face to gain the rail. Tend left and up through a steep blocky section to below a roof. Pull straight through the roof just right of the crack (sneaky undercling) to a left leaning ramp and short open book above. Easy ground up to ledge.

FA: R. Halsey & M. Griffiths, 2011

Start to the right of Juggernaut up a crack system that moves up and slightly right across the steep face to join the Y-shaped recess on Cat’s Pyjamas. Head straight up the face above, then a short arête and then a final bungle with an intermittent crack on the right hand side. Scramble up to the big ledge. Abseil point to the left.

FA: R. Halsey, Jan 2018

Start up the break left of Mane Course and pull right onto the shelf. Climb the open book to the roof. Continue up the steep, flaring crack above to the next roof. Reach straight over the roof to find good holds (and small cams for gear). From here, a funky but difficult crux sequence leads right and then up onto the face above. [There is a key, large flake under the roof, which seems solid, but treat it with respect]. Continue straight up to the ledge with a small tree. On the left side of the ledge climb straight up the right hand side of two short faces to the big ledge. Abseil point to the left. Consensus grading needed.

FA: R. Halsey, Jan 2018

Excellent single pitch located on the Gendarme level vegetated band, near the start of Cat's Pyjamas. Almost 5 star. Start up a short crack and then a short face to first roof - pull through (tricky) to a rest below the second roof. Hard moves at the lip lead leftward to a rail and then up to a small ledge with a bush. Up easily to big ledge.

FA: R. Halsey, 2010

Takes the steep crack to the right of Mane Course. Starting on some large boulders, follow the crack through a tricky, thin corner to the roof. Gain the next good hand rail and tackle the humbling crack to the big roof. Traverse a metre right and up into a recess. Step back left and follow a vague arete easily to the big ledge.

FA: R. Halsey, 2011

The project listed in the guide book on pg 51. Start about 3m right of Pride Breaker and climb straight up to a good break in the slanted roof. Stretch or dyno to a flake (which flexes but seems solid enough) on the lip, tend slightly right then straight up easily to big ledge. Concensus grading needed - probably easier if you are tall.

FA: R. Halsey, 2010

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