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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
18 Huguenot Crack
Trad 70m
18 Jono Fishers project
SportProject 8
18 Knuckleduster

Climb to the left or to the right of the pillar. Bridge and jam your way up until able to start smearing up to the top.

Trad 25m
18 Encore 2
Sandstone Lookout Sector
18 Crescendo
1 17
2 10
3 17
4 18
Trad 4
Sandstone Wally's sector
18 The Craving

Climb the black crack starting from the top of the bush to the top.

Trad 20m
18 Kalashnikov

Great steep climb. Excellent rock.

FA: H. Davies & A. Ross, 2008

Trad 20m
Sandstone Geo-Cache Sector
18 Ballad of a Teenage Queen Trad 20m

Showing all 8 routes.

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