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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Table Mountain North (CBD/Africa/Lower Buttress) Africa Ledge
15 Africa Eyrie
1 15 30m
2 13 10m
3 12 18m
4 13 12m
5 14 12m
6 12 9m
7 13 25m

FA: K. Fletcher & J. Goedknegt, 1962

Trad 120m, 7
15 Africa Crag
1 15 25m
2 11 28m
3 10 23m
4 13 36m
5 12 20m
6 15m

P1 & 2 can be bypassed by climbing the first pitch of Africa Wall, bringing the grade down to 13.

FA: A. Cameron, B. Cameron, E. Grendon, A. Sluman, S. Smith & D. van Breda, 1936

Trad 150m, 6
Table Mountain North (CBD/Africa/Lower Buttress) Lower Buttresses Arrow Buttress
15 Hand in Glove
1 14 12m
2 15 15m
3 14 15m
4 14 15m

FA: M. Scott, P. de Tolly & D. Tromp, 1984

Trad 57m, 4
Table Mountain North (CBD/Africa/Lower Buttress) Lower Buttresses Venster Buttress
15 India Summersault

FA: D. McLachlan & M. Scott, 1977

Trad 30m
15 Indian Giver
1 12 17m
2 13 25m
3 15 10m

FA: M.Scott, R. Malan & M. Scott, 1972

Trad 52m, 3
15 Pappadum
1 13 15m
2 14 15m
3 15 15m

FA: M. Scott & P. de Tolly

Trad 45m, 3
Table Mountain North (CBD/Africa/Lower Buttress) CBD Bright Lights Slab Boulder
{FB} 4 Han Solo

Standing start. Climb up the center of the slab starting from the dent in the rock.

Table Mountain North (CBD/Africa/Lower Buttress) CBD Deer Park Triangle Boulder
{FB} 4 B
{FB} 4 D
Table Mountain North (CBD/Africa/Lower Buttress) Higgovale Quarry The Polling Booth
15 Easy Victory

FA: N. Matthews & G. Hattingh

Sport 5
Table Mountain East (Kirstenbosch/Newlands) Newlands Boulders Deadwood
{FB} 4 The Warming Arête

Crouch start on good jug. Follow jugs on and slightly right of arête. TO.

Boulder 4m
Table Mountain West (The Ledge) Fountain Ledge Staircase Ledge
15 Fountain Corner
Trad 70m
15/16 Black Patch
Trad 50m
Lion's Head Granite
15 Huguenot Face
Trad 70m
15 Huguenot Wall

Classic easy route on Lion's head granite.

Trad 70m, 3
15 PROT:X Raincheck

Climb the face exactly between the hand crack of Huguenot Wall and the thin crack of the Huguenot Wall variation, directly to the bolted stance. There is no pro.

FA: Richard Halsey, 2010

15 Rumpelstiltskin
15 Encore 3


Trad 25m
Lion's Head Sandstone Lookout Sector
15 Bantry Crag Trad 3
Lion's Head Sandstone
15 Feline Trad 15m
15 Taking Down the Lion

Follow path up until you see the ladder about 50 meters away. up to your right will be a a crack/slab climb.

  1. Follow this crack on slopery and ledgy holds until topout.

  2. Pitch two starts about 100 meters righ of pitch 1's topout. It is a slab climb with a crack on your left, good for placing gear. Slightly mossy and wet during the winter. Topout onto a large ledge.

  3. Pitch up right following crimpy holds with good friction. Amazing exposure further up on the pitch with great gear (when repitching look for broken rock, courtesy of terrible anchor).

  4. Pitch four starts five meter right. First 30 meters resembles a scramble but the last 20 is beautiful climbing up a chimney-like crack. The moves are... unique. DO NOT TRUST WEDGED BOULDERS!!

  5. Scramble out on a steep grassy incline. More cautious climbers may want to pitch this. All in all, great climb with good gear.

FA: Luke (Dave) Davis & Daniel Basel, 22 Sep 2013

Trad 200m, 5
Lion's Head Sandstone Clifton - Right Sector
15 Aquanaught Trad 150m
Lion's Head Sandstone Clifton - Left Sector
15 Clifton Crest
1 11 12m
2 14 35m
3 15 10m
4 15 23m
5 15 36m
6 13 20m
7 14 20m
8 8 40m
Trad 200m, 8
Lion's Head Sandstone White Face Sector
15 Rumpelstiltskin
1 15 20m
2 14 20m
3 13 15m
4 12 15m
  1. From the top a retangular block, climb straight up to the open book and all the way up till reach the roof. Climb 2 meters right until able to pull through and belay from a big ledge.

  2. Walk around 8 meters left and then up to the right of a big chimney. Climb the face around 4 meters right of the chimney where there is a small cairn. Climb up and slightly left to a layback crack and then go diagonally right and left again to the top of a small block. Climb the face straight up and belay from a small ledge.

  3. Climb up and right until squeezed underneath a large block. Climb to the left and up to the top of the huge block with amazing view to the ocean and mountains.

  4. Climb easily straight up to a big ledge. Scrambling leads to the top.

Trad 70m, 4
The Apostles Valken Buttress
15 Valcon Surprise Trad 180m
The Peninsula Trappieskop Mermaid Wall
15/16 Mermaid

FA: Ross Suter

Sport 3
The Peninsula Silvermine Blaze of Glory
15 Hairless Mexican

FA: J. Orton, 1997

Sport 12m, 6
15 By the Right Sport 4
The Peninsula Silvermine Lower Silvermine Jailhouse
15 Suspended Sentence

FA: M. Kruger, 2004

Sport 10m, 4
The Peninsula Silvermine Lower Silvermine Lower Silvermine Crag
15 Rough Rider

FA: M. de Villiers & D. Basich, 2002

Sport 6
15 Hard As It Gets

FA: M. de Villiers & D. Basich, 2002

Sport 7
The Peninsula Silvermine Fawlty Towers
15 Lemonade

FA: T. Chan, 2005

Sport 5
15 Playing Hookie

FA: S. Miller, 2005

Sport 7
The Peninsula Underside Beginner's Wall
15 Absolute Beginners

FA: Andrew Koch, 2006

Sport 3
The Peninsula The Mine Sickle Moon Sector
15 YEBO!

FA: N. Goheer & S. Miller, 2003

Sport 5
The Peninsula Muizenberg
F2/3 Crackle Trad 100m, 3

Showing all 36 routes.

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