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Access issues inherited from Mossel Bay

Currently, there are no access issues. Permission has been granted by the local municipality for bolting of sea cliffs below the St Blaize hiking trail. No bolting is allowed on or nearby the Point Cave for safety reasons as the cave is a tourist destination. The cave is also situated above the St Blaize trail. Access to the crags is from the St Blaize Trail which is on the south side of Mossel Bay town.


The St Blaize Trail can be accessed from the tourist cave at The Point or from Cecil Shephard Street. 30-35 minutes walk from The Point cave. 5-10 minutes from the St Blaize hiking trail entrance on Cecil Shepard Street. Follow the path off the St Blaize Trail to get to Lighthouse Crag. From the top of the crag look for the descent scramble with safety rope to get to the base.



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Maint: Deon van Zyl

Maint: Deon van Zyl

Set: Deon van Zyl, Dec 2020

FA: Deon van Zyl, Jan 2021

Set: Deon van Zyl, Feb 2021

FA: Deon van Zyl, Feb 2021

Maint: Deon van Zyl, May 2021

Set: Deon van Zyl, Feb 2021

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Check out what is happening in Lighthouse Crag.

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