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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Cape Town Table Mountain North (CBD/Africa/Lower Buttress) Africa Ledge
18 Atlantic Crag
1 18 18m
2 14 20m
3 11 3m
4 14 30m
5 15 12m
6 18 10m

FA: M. Andersen, D. Bell, M. Mamacos & P. O'Neill, 1951

Trad 93m, 6
Cape Town Table Mountain North (CBD/Africa/Lower Buttress) Lower Buttresses Arrow Buttress
18 Bowstring
1 12 25m
2 12 22m
3 14 22m
4 18 28m

FA: J. Levy & M. Scott, 1968

Trad 97m, 4
Cape Town Table Mountain North (CBD/Africa/Lower Buttress) Lower Buttresses Venster Buttress
18 Transience

FA: R. Halsey & R. Strate, Jun 2020

Trad 20m
Cape Town Table Mountain North (CBD/Africa/Lower Buttress) Higgovale Quarry The Polling Booth
18 Mandela Magic

FA: N. Matthews & G. Hattingh

Sport 6
Cape Town Table Mountain North (CBD/Africa/Lower Buttress) Higgovale Quarry The Peanut Gallery
18 Torn Finger

FA: A. Hartung & S. Kets, 2000

Sport 10m, 5
18 Phallange arete

FA: S. Kets, 2001

Sport 3
Cape Town Table Mountain South (Orange Kloof/Back Table) Orange Face (Permit needed)
18 Nature Cons

Permit needed to enter RESTRICTED AREA. Nature Conservasions bright ideas

FA: Jeffrey Denning, 2004

Trad 220m
Cape Town Table Mountain West (The Ledge) Fountain Ledge Staircase Ledge
18 Finalé
1 18 30m
2 16 20m
3 17 15m

FA: R. Smithers & M. Scott, 1979

Trad 65m, 3
Cape Town Lion's Head Granite
18 Huguenot Crack
Trad 70m
18 Jono Fishers project
SportProject 8
18 Knuckleduster

Climb to the left or to the right of the pillar. Bridge and jam your way up until able to start smearing up to the top.

Trad 25m
18 Encore 2
Cape Town Lion's Head Sandstone Lookout Sector
18 Crescendo
1 17
2 10
3 17
4 18
Trad 4
Cape Town Lion's Head Sandstone Wally's sector
18 The Craving

Climb the black crack starting from the top of the bush to the top.

Trad 20m
18 Kalashnikov

Great steep climb. Excellent rock.

FA: H. Davies & A. Ross, 2008

Trad 20m
Cape Town Lion's Head Sandstone Geo-Cache Sector
18 Ballad of a Teenage Queen Trad 20m
Cape Town The Apostles Barrier Buttress
18 Fingertip Face Trad 100m
Cape Town The Apostles Corridor Buttress
18 Corridor Rib
1 18 15m
2 17 15m
3 15 15m
4 12 10m

This route has excellent quality rock and is well worth doing.

  1. Climb the clean and steep face, aiming for the dihedral. Step left onto a ledge and stance.

  2. Pull through the obvious break in the roof above and head straight up to a large ledge.

  3. Scramble up and use some short pillar like features to gain the crack in the face above. Follow this up and left, until beneath a roof. Bypass the roof on the left hand side.

  4. Scramble to the top.

Descent: walk off via the gully on the left (facing out).

FA: M. Mamacos, J. Henry, E. Rudnick & O. Shipley, 1950

Trad 55m, 4
Cape Town The Peninsula Elsie's Peak
18 Midnight Special

FA: P. Anderson & R. Smithers

Trad 66m
Cape Town The Peninsula Trappieskop Mermaid Wall
18 Songs From the Wood Sport 3
Cape Town The Peninsula Peer's Cave Talking to the Trees
18 Talking to the trees

A spectacular climb for the grade.

FA: J. Roff, 1987

Sport 4
Cape Town The Peninsula Peer's Cave Amadeus Wall
18 The Entarence Sport 3
18 Hickory Dickory Cock

FA: C. Vickers, 1987

Sport 3
18 Cango Stories

FA: G. Holwill, 1987

Sport 3
Cape Town The Peninsula Silvermine Main Crag
18 Cool Hand Luke

FA: P McCann, 1995

Sport 24m, 9
Cape Town The Peninsula Silvermine Lower Silvermine Jailhouse
18 Jailhouse Rocks!

FA: M. Engelbrecht, 2004

Sport 8m, 3
Cape Town The Peninsula Silvermine Lower Silvermine Cloud Nine Wall
18 Clouds over Mordor

FA: Brian Watts, 15 Nov 2018

Sport 20m, 12
Cape Town The Peninsula Silvermine Lower Silvermine Lower Silvermine Crag
18 Obideah

FA: S. Larsen, 1997

Sport 8
Cape Town The Peninsula Silvermine Lower Silvermine The Pumphouse
18 Reset the Brakes

FA: S. Kruger & D. Hart, 2003

Sport 11m, 5
18 Snitch

FA: S. Kruger & D. Hart, 2003

Sport 8m, 4
Cape Town The Peninsula Silvermine Fawlty Towers
18 Waldorf Salad (Left Start)

FA: R. Holwill, 1997

Sport 6
Cape Town The Peninsula Silvermine Silverminor
18 Souldery Bart

This route has a start that is harder than a 18. Definetely a 19 that eases after the first two bolts.

FA: J. Temple-Forbes, Mar 2012

Sport 5
18 Mong Love

FA: M. Gowans, Mar 2012

Sport 6
Cape Town The Peninsula Underside Rightside
18 Abigail

FA: M vd Westhuizen, 2006

Sport 5
Cape Town The Peninsula The Mine Puffadder Wall
18 Grand Illusion

FA: A. Purves, 1991

Sport 10m, 3
Cape Town The Peninsula Lakeside Pinnacle
18 Slab 'n Tickle

FA: T. Lourens, 2014

Sport 7
18 Who Knows

Slab with one small roof. Don't detour to left of roof, climb straight up and over.

FA: Charles Howell, 2006

Sport 12m, 6
18 Cacophonix

Fairly large (plate sized, 3cm) rock at the start of Cacophonix (the 18 going up the outside corner) is loose and sounds very hollow. Quite low to the ground but could cause a nasty scare for climber and belayer if it came off unexpectedly. Is marked but will rub off soon.

FA: Brent Russell, 17 Dec 2013

18 Cornflakes

FA: L Cloete & G. Schoonraad, 2004

Sport 5
Cape Town The Peninsula Muizenberg
18 Cornflakes Trad 80m
18 Starlight Trad 80m
18 Dilettante
1 16 15m
2 16 18m
3 11 20m
4 18 20m

Follow the track that contours the base of the mountain until able to see an impressive chock stone in an unusual place. The route starts around 6 meters to the right of the chock stone.

  1. Climb easily towards an obvious underclinning hold and move to the face on the right climbing it until able to get to a ledge.

  2. Climb the crack system just above the anchor of the first pitch and move left when at the same height of a dead bush. Move up the face until able to reach the horizontal rail. Jam left on an airy traverse to belay from an airy stance around the corner in a small ledge.

  3. Climb straight up the easy rock band until able to see a cairn.

  4. Around 4 meters right of the cairn climb up for 5 meters and move weirdly to the left towards two twin parallel cracks that can be seen from the bottom of this pitch. Climb up the cracks to a small roof, move right to a recess to reach another face. Climb the face up to a ledge just below an easy looking brown face.

Scramble leads to the top.

Trad 73m, 4
Cape Town The Peninsula Foreign Policy
18 O Brother Where Art Thou?

Provides access to the upper and dassie ledge

FA: D. Hugo, 2005

Sport 8
Cape Town The Peninsula The Hole The Sideline
18 Dube

FA: D. Wiemar, 1997

Sport 14m, 5
Cape Town The Peninsula Skoorsteenskop Main Wall
18 Babylon
Sport 20m
Cederberg Wolfberg Cyclops Wall
18 Nou Gat
1 17 40m
2 18 30m

This route starts on the oposite wall of Old Timer's disease route. The first pitch is very good but it has two big loose blocks that are a bit scary. The rock on the second pitch is very good, except by the chicken heads in the end.

Trad 70m, 2
Cederberg Wolfberg Gaper Crack
18 Knobless Robot
1 17 35m
2 18 15m

FFA: G. Robbins & J. Wright, 1988

Trad 50m, 2
18 Pigs on the Wing
1 16 15m
2 18 13m

This is a really good route on good rock and gear. Start half way between Knobless robot and Baby robot pilars.

  1. Climb the corner crack to stance at a small ledge.

  2. Climb the roof to a ledge.

One can easily link up this two pitches.

Trad 28m, 2
Cederberg Wolfberg First Crack
18 Whine

FA: B. Roux & A. Roff, 1996

Trad 40m
Cederberg Wolfberg SW Wall Pinnacle Sector
18 Crack of Icarus
1 18 25m
2 18 20m
3 18 32m
4 18 18m

To access this route hike all the way to the South West gully following the base of the wolfberg mountain. Once at the gully, scramble up passing behind a tree. A cairn on the base of the first crack demarks the start of Crack of Icarus.

  1. Climb the crack system to a ledge and belay from there. To access the second pitch, walk left of the ledge and scramble/climb a short easy section to a huge ledge. Walk around 20 meters left across the legde, stepping on a big chock stone, passing and scramble down behind a big tree. Around the corner, scramble up to a ledge with cairn on it at the base of a face where the second pitch starts (I recommend climbing this easy face up to the higher ledge to belay below the big long roof where the second crack starts).

  2. Climb the face to a big ledge. Climb the crack to the right of a long roof to a small roof. Climb the roof to a ledge.

  3. Climb the crack system passing a sequence of hand jam, lay backing, overhang with jugs until surprised by a slab. Step one meter to the left and climb the slab to a ledge. This is an amazing pitch!

  4. Scramble up behind a huge block to a face. Climb the face starting 5 meters left of the arête, traversing slitly right to do a boulderistic move (crux). Head up to the top.

The decent is trough the Sw gully, starting with a hike and followed by a 30 meters rappel.

FA: L. Tucker & B. Tucker, 2003

Trad 95m, 4
Cederberg Wolfberg SW Wall BP Overhang Sector
18 Omega
1 13 23m
2 18 15m
3 15 22m
4 10 20m
5 18 18m
6 12 24m
7 15 16m
8 15 30m

FA: P. duPreez & A. Schoon, 1978

Trad 170m, 8
Cederberg Sanddrif Main Wall
18 No Name 2

FA: P. McCann

Cederberg Sanddrif Front Wall
18 Abumchuck

FA: S. Miller, 2011

Sport 5
Cederberg Rooiberg Freedom Wall
18 Huge Jugs

FA: D. Hugo, 2008

Sport 9
Cederberg Rooiberg Coolio Wall
18 Rosetta

FA: Richard Halsey & R. Zipplies, 2010

Trad 28m
Cederberg Rooiberg Block Buttress
18 A0 Dangerous Liason
1 15 30m
2 18 15m
3 15 30m
4 18 A0 15m
5 15 30m

FA: Craig Turvey & David Mercer, 5 Nov 2011

Trad 120m, 5
18 Norwegian Blue

FA: Richard Halsey & Tim Dunnet, Jan 2018

Cederberg Rooiberg Red River Crag
18 Hanna Savana


FA: D.Marshall & M.Rehm, 2013

Sport 9
Cederberg Tafelberg Big Groove Sector
G2 Big Groove
Trad 80m
Cederberg Tafelberg Pillar Box
18 Woodro
Trad 20m
Cederberg Rocklands The Pass Skinner Boulder
{SA} 18 USDA Prime
Sport 4
Cederberg Rocklands The Pass The Island
{SA} 18 Thoughtless Wanders
Sport 20m, 6
Cederberg Rocklands The Pass The Bastille
{SA} 18 Little Bastion
Sport 12
Cederberg Rocklands De Pakhuys Wave Up Sector
{SA} 18 Crack
Cederberg Rocklands De Pakhuys Life is for Living Sector
{SA} 18 Sundowner
Sport 1
Cederberg Rocklands De Pakhuys Crags of Joy
{SA} 18 Crack Dealer
Sport 4
Cederberg Truitjieskraal Red Turret
18 Raspberry Vice

FA: Richard Halsey & F. Walters

18 Brick Rover

Between the Red Turret and Ken’s block is an attractive overhanging Arête. Climb up to platform, traverse 1m R to below two pockets. Tend diagonally left until in line with centre of Arête and gun for the top.

FA: Richard Halsey & G. Dondel, 9 Dec 2010

Cederberg Truitjieskraal Dragon's Cleft
18 Pendragon

everal meters left of the Dragon is a pillar. Climb up the centre of this and lend slightly left at the top.

FA: Richard Halsey, 18 Jun 2011

Cederberg Truitjieskraal Twin Columns
18 Twins Fears

FA: Richard Halsey & F. Walters, Dec 2017

Cederberg Truitjieskraal Hueco Punks Area
18 Knees Up
Cederberg Truitjieskraal Can Can Alley
18 Wicked

FA: J. Gordon, Dec 2016

18 Moulin Rouge

FA: Patrick McCann & Josie McCann, Dec 2014

18 Chorus Line

Set by Patrick McCann

FA: Mike Scott, Jan 2015

De Doorns Lost Fingers Crag
18 Dead End
Unknown 12m
Du Toit's Kloof Pass Hellfire Combustion Chamber
18 Bright Spark

FA: M. Gowans, 1996

Sport 20m, 7
Du Toit's Kloof Pass Hellfire Hellfire Prow
17/18 Skewburn

Fun route following an amazing crack line to a protected roof with jugs. Definetely worth doing it!

Trad 40m
Du Toit's Kloof Pass Hellfire Wall of Flames
18 Bonfire Arete (Alternate)

Climb the lower arete as for 'Bonfire Arete'. After the first bolt above the large ledge (above the lower arete), move right of the upper arete into the corner. Climb in this corner, only moving out of it to reach the anchors.

FA: G. Hart, 1994

Sport 22m, 6
Du Toit's Kloof Pass Hellfire Magma Wall
18 Magma

FA: G. Hart, 1994

Sport 12m, 4
Du Toit's Kloof Pass Hellfire The Pillar of Pain
18 Painkiller
Du Toit's Kloof Pass Hellfire Smokescreen Wall
18 Red Hot Smoker
Trad 45m
Du Toit's Kloof Pass Hellfire Melting Pot
18 Bubbly

FA: G. Hart & M. Gowans, 2005

Sport 5
18 Brew

FA: M. Gowans, 2005

Sport 6
Du Toit's Kloof Pass Yellowwood Timerity Buttress
18 Lunch Time
1 16 55m
2 18 30m
3 18 30m
4 16 45m

FA: Brent Russell & Charles Edelstein, 3 Oct 2017

Trad 160m, 4
Du Toit's Kloof Pass Yellowwood The Chess Pieces The Castle Right Turret
18 Checkerboard
1 18 35m
2 17 45m
3 14 35m
4 18 45m
5 12 10m
6 14 40m
7 13 15m

Start from the grassy ledge below the upper rock band and about 20m left of the big break that divides the Castle into two turrets.

  1. 35m, 18. Pull up awkwardly through the left of 2 obvious overhanging cracks. Climb up to the right of the gully then right of the overhangs to a big ledge. Walk right along the big traverse ledge until 20m from the end of this ledge.

  2. 45m, 17. Start at cairn immediately right of a large freestanding flake. Step off the flake and pull up on jugs through small overhangs then left to thin crack in a corner. Climb the crack and move 2m left to a stance.

  3. 35m, 14. Climb up rounding the overhang to the left then up the juggy face tending right to stance below a thin crack just to left of the gully.

  4. 45m, 18. Climb 10m up the crack to a hand and foot rail. Move left a couple of metres and then up diagonally left to the break in the overhang. Climb the face above tending right to stance below a scoop.

  5. 10m, 12. Traverse left up through the scoop and walk left to stance below a big crack. Crack-a-long climbs the right face of this crack.

  6. 40m, 14. Climb up the face to the left of the crack diagonally up to the left then back to the edge to round the overhang. Move up and left for about 5m before heading up to stance on the corner below the last tower.

  7. 15m, 13. Climb the corner of the ridge and up wide crack to top.

FA: S. Adey, Fiona McIntosh & Roy White, 2010

Trad 230m, 7
18 Castles of Old
1 17 40m
2 16 30m
3 18 30m
4 18 40m
5 14 30m

This is a composite route consisting of two or three pitches of a route called The Castle first climbed by Mike Scott and Gabriel Athiros (1966 MCSA journal), and the upper pitches of a route climbed by John Moss and Richard Smithers in about 1967, which was not written up. One or two of the lower pitches are not of the greatest quality, the others are excellent.

Walk past start of No More Bells and Fire-start and past two or three massive blocks. The route begins just past the orange wall and overhang, where there is an obvious break in the rock (somewhat chossy). There is a big cairn on top of a big rock.

  1. 40m, 17. Make a difficult step up and around the fins to the right . Climb the somewhat vegetated crack up past a roof on the right. Go round left of small roof higher up. At the next roof stay right. Continue to a big ledge just below a big long black face topped by a square overhang. Belay here. Scramble leftwards for about 20m to the second of the big left-facing corners (about 10m to the right of the Crack-along corner).

  2. 30m, 16. Climb the knobbly face just a few meters left of the left facing corner, trend a little left and straight up, either in the crack on the far right or in a slightly cleaner crack a little more left from the corner. Stance at obvious ledge.

  3. 30m, 18. Pull through hard overhanging move (crux) and then climb up (some loose-looking blocks) to stance on a small ledge about 3m below the right-hand corner of the long narrow roof.

  4. 40m, 18. Pull up a sloping crack on the far right hand side of the roof, just left of the big chossy gully (this is the crux and is easier than it looks), continue climbing up this crack for about 15m until it starts petering out (below a small roof). Move left a metre or so (old peg), up a few metres on edges and then back right into a continuation of the crack. Follow this and successive cracks until you get to a narrow band with two cracks in it, take right crack and up to another blank-looking band of rock (about 3 metres high) which offers no gear. Climb the left-ward trending ramp up onto this band and belay about 5m below a crack in a big gnarly face.

  5. 30m, 14. Climb up the crack and gnarly face to a ledge on big blocks with a cairn. From here scramble up and out.

FA: Robert Zipplies, Ian Durbach & galeo saintz, 2010

Trad 170m, 5
18 Castle Corner
1 16 45m
2 15 45m
3 18 35m
4 15 50m
5 13 35m

Walk along the bottom of the lower buttress to the right hand corner past some huge blocks. 5m around the corner is a wide crack just before the continuous band of overhangs. This climb remains in the shade for most of the day.

  1. 45m, 16. Climb up just left of Peapod crack. Pull through a roof to the right. Head up the gully to the right for 15m to a stance underneath an overhanging nose.

  2. 45m, 15. Climb up to the left then move right onto the nose and follow giggle jugs straight up for 45m.

  3. 35m, 18. Climb up to the right onto a scoop. At top of scoop move left delicately left for a couple of meters. Move up over rounded bulge on rounded holds to a big ledge.

  4. 50m, 15. In the middle of the ledge is an obvious crack system with a large chimney to the right. Climb the cracks and face above keeping just to the right of the edge.

  5. 35m, 13. Climb the wall just right of ridge. Follow your nose to top.

FA: Fiona McIntosh & Roy White, 2010

Trad 210m, 5
Duiwel's Kloof
G1 Duiwel's Direct Trad 400m
Gecko Rock Tsunami Wall
18 Octopus Sport
18 Waimea Sport
18 Bong Sport 12m
18 Best Wax For Your Stick Sport 12m
Gecko Rock Gecko Wall
18 Rolling Rocks Sport
Groot Hangklip
G1 Cosmic Crypt
1 F1 25m
2 F2 10m
3 F2 22m
4 F3 10m
5 G1 20m
6 F1 20m

MCSA Journal 1981 p61

FA: Johnathan Gordon, 1981

Trad 110m, 6
Houdenbek The Arch Crags Boardroom
18 Tortoise Shell

FA: Richard Halsey, 31 Dec 2013

Houdenbek The Arch Crags Morester Square to Stolen Salami
18 The Square Root

FA: Richard Halsey & R. van Breda, 13 Jul 2014

18 Trapesium Void

FA: Richard Halsey & K. Cuesta, 21 Nov 2014

Houdenbek The Arch Crags Choice Crag
18 Green Bladder Blues

FA: S. Jack & Richard Halsey

18 So Much of Fun

FA: Richard Halsey & M. Penso, 30 Aug 2014

Houdenbek The Mecca Crags Blue Chip
18 Flying Saucer

FA: Richard Halsey & M. Thilo, 26 Oct 2014


Showing 1 - 100 out of 156 routes.

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