Goldrush Sector

  • Grade context: SA
  • Ascents: 4

Access: Coronavirus COVID-19 Alert level 2

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Alert level 2 will be in place from 31 May 2021. Alert level 2 was in place from 18 August to 20 September 2020. Adjustments to the regulations will be updated as soon as possible after it is published.


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Access issues inherited from Wolfberg

You will have to obtain a permit to climb at Wolfberg, as it is on private land. Ask for more details at the reception for Sanddrif (https://www.sanddrif.com/)

Ethic inherited from Wolfberg

No bolting allowed. Strictly a trad area.


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Grade Route
1 13 22m
2 16 20m
3 21 25m
4 18 20m

FA: D. Shewell & R. De Decker, 1995

1 13 22m
2 13 40m
3 15 20m
4 11 23m

FA: P. du Preez, J. Levy & A. Schoon, 1979

1 15 28m
2 13 22m
3 10 40m
4 13 38m

FA: P. Du Preez, J. Levy & A. Schoon, 1979

1 15 30m
2 19 30m
3 12 10m
4 17 30m
5 18 20m

Start as for After the Goldrush. From the lowest level, scramble up a groove past a tree to the ledge 5m up. Move left to recess at the base of After the Goldrush.

  1. 15 (30m) Pull into the recces and then move ~2m right onto the juggy face to the right. Climb up 2m then traverse right ~2m. Continue straight to the next ledge.

Walk ~20m right to a large bush at the base of set vertical cracks.

  1. 19 (30m) Climb the left, more distinct, crack to a small roof ~10m up. Pull through on the left side, then traverse ~2m right. Head straight up through the break in the step section above.

  2. 12 (10m) Pull up onto a grey, juggy face. Continue through the next break (with a long, narrow roof to the right), to the next ledge.

  3. 17 (30m) Stand on a platform to gain a break in the grey/red speckled rock just over a small roof. After this, follow a light brown fin that forms the right side of a chimney. Pull over the bulge at the end of the fin to a small ledge. Continue up another short ramp to the next ledge.

  4. 18 (20m) Move straight up to a right arching crack below a narrow roof. Pull through the roof (tricky) and continue straight to the top via a second thin roof.

FA: R. Halsey, Dec 2015

1 15 25m
2 17 45m
3 22 35m
4 13 10m

Features a rising traverse of large undercling features. Start between After the Goldrush and Imposter.

  1. 15 (25m) Climb the easiest break through the bulge to the left of the Imposterchimney. Step left and follow your nose straight up to the ledge.

  2. 17 (45m) Follow the fist crack just left of Imposter pitch 2 to a feature that looks like the head of an axe. Pass this on the left to a roof. Pull through (some loose sections) and up to the ledge. Walk right and scramble up to stance on a ledge (left of a tree below the left edge of the enormous roof).

  3. 22 (35m) Follow a wide crack to a ledge below the series of roofs/flakes heading diagonally up and right. Pull up under the first roof and make a tricky move right to a layback. Continue up and right past another roof and then under a wide flare. Step right and then straight up the steep face and use a layback crack to gain a small ledge.

  4. 13 (10m) Continue straight up the juggy face above.

FA: R. Halsey, J. Wakeling & M. Penso, Jan 2016

1 10 25m
2 13 38m
3 11 18m
4 7 22m
5 11 35m

FA: P. Du Preez, G. Ward, A. & A. Schoon, 1978

1 7 28m
2 10 25m
3 9 25m
4 10 30m
5 11 22m

FA: G. Ward, A. & A. Schoon, 1978

1 15 27m
2 10 25m
3 15 28m
4 15 30m
5 15 11m
6 10 25m

FA: P. du Preez & A. Schoon, 1979

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