Seorak-san National Park is Korea’s most famous park and is o en considered the most beautiful. It is nestled within the northeast coast of the peninsula. In the park there is a twenty minute hike on primarily at, paved ground that leads to Biseondae Shelter 비선대, that is frequented by climbers. There is a restaurant attached to the shelter. From the shelter, as you walk towards the crag, you’ll come across Geumgang Cave 금강굴, which means “Solidity that can blow human anguish away” and “So solid that it never be broken”. is granite crag is divided into two walls: Front Wall and Southwest Wall.


From any major city, take a bus bound for Sokcho 속초. Get off at the entrance of Seorak-dong 설악동입구. From there, transfer to a local bus heading to Seorak-dong, which is a different bus stop then the stop at the entrance of Seorak- dong. Get off at the end of the line. Hike on the main trail until you reach the bridge right before Biseondae Shelter 비선대. To access the Front Wall, don’t cross the bridge to the shelter. At the bridge, take the trail on your right that is by a warning sign and hike up until you reach a fork. Follow the trail that branches off to the left . Continue on the path for ten minutes to get to Front Wall. The approach time will be fifty minutes from the bus stop. To access the Southwest Wall, use the same directions as Front Walluntil you reach the shelter. Cross the bridge to get to the shelter, continue past it and cross the suspension bridge to hike up to Geumgang Cave 금강굴. Look for a trail on your left just before the cave. Take it and scramble up for five minutes to get to the start of Southwest Wall.

Descent notes

10 draws, a 60m rope, and a full set of cams. Safety A helmet and extra webbing is recommended for the climbing in Seorak-san Additional Comments Climbing at Seorak-san requires a permit, available at http://www.knps.or.kr. Water and food is available at the shelter and the park entrance. Camping and cooking is not allowed in the park except in designated areas.


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Grade Route

1p (5.8|45m) 2p (5.7|25m) 3p (5.10c|33m) 4p (5.9|23m) 5p (5.10d|22m) 6p (5.9|20m) 7p (5.8|40m)

1p (5.12b|25m) 2p (A0|20m) 3p (A0|25m) 5p (5.10d|30m) 6p (5.10c|25m) 7p (5.9|20m)

1p (5.8|45m) 2p (5.7|25m) 3p (5.10c|33m) 4p (5.9|23m) 5p (5.10d|22m) 6p (5.9|20m) 7p (5.8|40m)

1p (5.8|40m) 2p (5.7|25m) 3p (5.10a|30m) 4p (5.11a|30m)

1p (5.10a|30m) 2p (5.10b|40m)

1p (5.9|32m) 2p (5.10a|23m) 3p (5.9|20m) 4p (5.10a|18m) 5p (5.10c|20m) 6p (5.11a|30m) 7p (5.11a|20m)

1p (5.4|20m) 2p (5.10a|27m) 3p (5.10b|29m) 4p (5.10b|30m) 5p (5.10a|20m) 6p (5.10b|20m) 7p (5.10c|20m) 8p (5.10a|8m)

1p (5.4|20m) 2p (5.11a|30m) 3p (5.11a|28m) 4p (5.10b|35m) 5p (5.10a|15m) 6p (5.10a|18m) 7p (5.10b|22m)

1p (5.8|35m) 2p (5.10b|40m) 3p (5.10a|30m) 4p (5.11b|23m) 5p (5.10b|32m)

1p (5.10a|30m) 2p (5.9|40m) 3p (5.2|20m) 4p (5.6|20m) 5p (5.8|25m) 6p (5.9|28m) 7p (5.10a|20m)

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