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  • Ascents: 1
  • Aka: 팔공산




(Byeongpung-bawi) - is crag is located close to the top of Palgong Mt. and faces the south. The peak is called Dong-bong 동봉. Byeongpung-bawi 병풍바위 has eleven granite routes, from 20m to 166m long. It was developed between 1969 and 1987. The climbs mostly consist of face and slab climbing. (Bawitgol-amjang) - Bawitgol-amjang is westbound from Donghwa-sa 동화사 and is separated into three smaller walls. The south wall has eleven routes ranging from 12m to 31m long. Among them is an old aid route. The three 5.7 routes on the crag are perfect for beginners to practice leading for the first time. The slab wall is about 80m long and is also great for beginners. The north face has ve routes approximately 30m long. they are mainly crack climbs.

Gear (Byeongpung-bawi) - 10 draws, a 60m rope, and a full set of cams. (Bawitgol-amjang) - 12 draws, a 60m rope, and a set of mid-sized cams. Safety (Byeongpung-bawi) - There are still old pitons and rusty bolts on some of the routes. Some of the routes are also run out. A helmet and extra webbing is recommended. (Bawitgol-amjang) - On the north wall, rope drag can be a problem so bring a few slings. The drag may also cause rope management to be diffcult and it may be hard to communicate with your belayer as well. To descend, rappel from the tree on the face. Additional Comments (Byeongpung-bawi) - You can rappel down from each pitch at the anchor or you can walk down from the top. There are campsites available near the bus stop. Make sure to get water at the temple.


Byeongpung-bawi) - From Daegu 대구, take a bus bound for Palgong-san Donghwa- sa 팔공산동화사 and get o at the entrance of Donghwa-sa 동화사입구. Walk east on the road towards Donghwa-sa Temple until you reach the trailhead by the parking area. Hike, for ten minutes, to Budo-am Temple 부도암 and then take the trail to the right to Yangjin-am 양진암, for ten minutes. Take the trail that veers to the right and up to the ridge. The crag is on your left before the ridge. You’ll be able to see the crag when you hike up from the last temple. (Bawitgol-amjang) - From Daegu 대구, take a bus bound for Palgong-san Donghwa- sa 팔공산동화사. Get off at the entrance of Donghwa-sa 동화사입구 and then transfer to the bus bound for Sutaegol 수태골. If you walk from Donghwa-sa Bus Stop 동화사, it will take thirty minutes to get to Sutaegul. Bawitgol-amjang is thirty minutes from the Sutaegol Rest Area 수태골 휴게소.

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