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Equipped in the 90s by the Extremadura Mountain School. Currently, its conservation status might be enhanced and needs further attention from climbers.

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Access issues

Park in the gas station.


Approach: From the Gas Station, walk towards Valencia de Alcántara for between 50 and 100 metres, to the left there is a little drawn path that in less than 10 minutes will take you to the crags of Yosemite, Barrio Sésamo, Machacas and Itis sectors (check images for an auxiliary map).

Ethic inherited from Valencia de Alcántara

The crags are located on private land. We must be respectful of the environment, not leave rubbish, pick up what others may have dropped, and in general contribute to our activity being seen as a value for the area and not as a nuisance.

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Check out what is happening in Machacas.

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