A more recent group of sectors, that counts with Luis Sancho, Placa del Dragón, Pandémico, La Cavalera, Diedros and La plaquita sectors, has been equipped in 2021 and 2022.

The slab style predominates and presents a multitude of textures and shapes due to the differences in the composition of the rock, in which we can find from bands of slate to areas of high concentration of quartz.

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You can find shade in the morning in this sector. The different routes start being in the sun at different times. Around 14h everything will be in the sun. Some routes of this sector have been equipped with material donated by the City Hall of Valencia de Alcantara.

Es el sector en el que más tiempo aguanta la sombra, pudiendo escalarse a la sombra hasta las 14/15 horas.

Access issues

For sectors Luis Sancho, Placa del Dragón, Pandémico, La Cavalera, Diedros and La plaquita it is better to chose P1 or P2 (check images).


For sectors Luis Sancho, Placa del Dragón, Pandémico, La Cavalera, Diedros and La plaquita there are two possible paths, starting from the national road N-521. Both take around 15 minutes. These different sectors are connected by a path.

One option is to park in the border from Portugal and Spain. Follow a path on the left (Portuguese side) until reaching a gate (50m). Before the gate turn right, the path is then well marked. (check figures for a map starting from P1).

The second option is to park between the border and the fuel station, on the Spanish side. Follow a path that should take you to ruprest art murals (check figures for a map starting from P2).

Ethic inherited from Puerto Roque

The crags are located on private land. We must be respectful of the environment, not leave rubbish, pick up what others may have dropped, and in general contribute to our activity being seen as a value for the area and not as a nuisance.

La escuela se encuentra en una Zona de Interés Prioritario de la Red Natura2000, por lo que hay que ser respetuoso con las restricciones.



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