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Author(s): Jose Mancera and Juan Hofer

Date: 2024

A comprehensive guidebook covering El Chorro, Desplomilandia, and Valle De Abdalajís, detailing more than 1,500 routes across a wide range of grades.

Areas: El Chorro

Author(s): D. Munilla

Date: 2007

Comprehensive climbing guidebook for Andalusia - 40 climbing areas - mostly 6th and 7th grade french scale / single and multi pitches.

Areas: Andalusia

Author(s): D. Munilla

Date: 2021

Areas: Málaga

Author(s): Mark Glaister

Date: 2018

ISBN: 9781873341483

This rock climbing guidebook describes all the bolted sport routes to be found in the huge limestone gorge of El Chorro and the surrounding area, including Mijas, Turon, and Desplomilandia.

Areas: El Chorro

Showing all 4 publications.

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